1 marzo, 2024

Tarot Reading For Love; The Meaning Behind Your Cards! (Free Online Interactive Tool!)

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Tarot readings offer divine insight into your past, present or future from interpretation though their cards…

Whether that’s insight for tapping into higher levels of intuition, helping to make life-changing decisions, or how to understand your life’s purpose.

Tarot Readings are often used to help us understand life’s most important questions…

But for many, their most important questions stem from their love life…

How do I know I’ve found the “One”?

Will I find my soulmate?

What can I expect for the future of my relationship?

And so on….

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So in today’s article I’ll break down the most common tarot cards for love and what they mean, as well as what to do before you get your love reading!

But first, let me answer a common question I get asked all the time… 

“Where Can I Go For A Reading?” 

For me personally, I like to find a professional reader locally that I feel energetically drawn to…

I don’t put much thought into this process because I allow my intuition to choose for me…

But recently (due to what’s been going on in the world) I’ve been using an online service that draws cards for me, what’s even better is their services are interactive and free!

One place I’ve found accurate online card readings is trueloveanswers.com

Although I do recommend reaching out to a professional face to face, these online tools also provide personal reports that tell you about your love life!

So if you want to discover The Romantic Secrets Of Your Past, Present And Future then draw your 3 cards below!

Or if you’re not quite ready to pull your love cards yet, I suggest reading on…

How To Prepare For A Tarot Reading;

Depending on your experience with Tarot, there are some important details you need to understand.

The first (and most important) being that Tarot Reading is a spiritual practice & should be treated with the utmost respect, this is an ancient spiritual practice that shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly.

Have fun of course, but always remember the spiritual significance this ritual carries!

With that being said, here are a few more tips that I highly advise you do before your reading!

1.) Release From Past Relationship Trauma:

Releasing is finding the strength to let go from negative experiences in the past, and making room for positive opportunities to manifest.

The energy from holding onto heartbreak, past relationship trauma, or any stress could possibly influence your reading so it’s important to release from these negative thoughts as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean to forget, or simply “get over it”, it means to not allow the past to dictate your future!

There are many ways to release, but my favorites are:

  • Running a hot bubble bath.
  • Meditation.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Yoga.
  • Work on your hobbies.
  • Walk!

If you need anymore, check out this amazing blog post I found about releasing! 

2.) Prepare for the unknown: 

So you’ve gotten rid of past baggage, now it’s time to embrace the unknown with enthusiasm and open arms!

Literally anything could happen in a reading, so keep your mind open and embrace a sense of fun in the unknown!

3.) Visualize: 

Although it’s important to expect the unexpected when getting your love reading, you should also practice visualization as a way of emitting the right vibrations to the universe.

If you understand the law of attraction on a basic level, you’re probably aware that like attracts like, what you think and feel is essentially what you manifest into your reality.

So by imagining what your romantic future holds, you are sending this energy out to the universe and in return this will help your reader tap into the same vibrations as you, thus potentially giving you a more accurate reading.

There are many visualization techniques but here are some of the most powerful ones.

  • Guided hypnosis.
  • Meditation.
  • Vision Boarding.
  • Scripting.

Visualizing your ideal scenario allows you to align with what you truly want to manifest, so use it to your advantage before getting your reading done!

Tarot Reading For Love; Best Cards To Pull:

In Tarot, the way your cards are interpreted often stems from an inner intuition from the connection you, the cards, and the reader may have.

However, there are also significant cards that symbolize certain aspects of your love life that simply cannot be ignored.

Here are the meanings behind these cards!

1.) The Empress: “A Radiating Infatuation”

If you pull the Empress then well done, it’s clear that you have taken the time to work on your own personal sense of self love, which in return is opening that gateway to receive the same mutual infatuation back.

For single people;

This indicates that you have done enough self work that radiates onto others, and they can see this.

You appear to be strong, independent and perhaps that special someone you’ve had your eye on realizes this too, it may not have been made apparent yet.

So keep working on yourself, this same energy will eventually radiate back to you from someone else…

For those that are in a relationship;

Nourishment and fulfillment is needed to maintain the balance of a healthy relationship, but perhaps one cup is filled and the other is not.

This may be you, so try to find the line between nourishing your partner without losing what you’ve built for yourself in the process, you cannot have one without the other.

Key Takeaway:

  • Ensure that you maintain an emotionally balanced relationship while taking care of yourself.
  • Keep focusing on yourself and they will come to you, don’t force or rush the process.

2.) The Lovers: “It’s Getting Deep”

The lovers card often represents a current relationship with a friend or partner moving to a deeper level.

The spiritual connection between you two is in perfect alignment, and you’re both ready for the next step!

Whether that’s marriage, moving in together, or simply telling them how you truly feel…

The Lovers card is a sign that your feelings towards that person are the same!

Key Takeaway:

  • Brainstorm ways to communicate how you’re feeling.
  • Come up with ways to be understood in your relationship.
  • Take it naturally and not forcefully, the other person may feel the same but may not be ready just yet!

3.) The Sun: “You’re Close” 

The sun has positive vibes only!

It’s energy is so strong it’s one of the most affirming cards in the deck!

When it comes to love, pulling this card often means that there is a life-changing event close by, something significant that could completely change the future…

For single people;

This could mean someone new walking into your life and falling for you, or someone that you’ve fallen for is about to ask you out…

For those that are in a relationship;

If you’ve been trying for a baby, then a positive pregnancy test may be close.

Looking for that dream apartment? Then you’ll close the deal…

Waiting for him to pop the “Will you marry me” question? It’s close…

Key Takeaway: 

  • Keep your eyes open from signs from the universe.
  • If you’re single, say yes to opportunities you usually wouldn’t, this could lead to finding “the one”.
  • Try not to force anything on your partner, make sure it happens in divine timing.

4.) Ten Of Cups: “Pinch me, I must be dreaming….”

The Ten of cups represents a warm state of comfort, harmony, and peace in your relationship.

With love especially, our feelings for another person can sometimes feel overbearing, to point where you begin to question yourself…

However when this card is drawn, it’s a confirmation that it’s not just too good to be true…

For single people;

Confirms your feelings you may have doubted for someone you may have just met, or perhaps have a crush on.

For those that are in a relationship;

Confirms your feelings for someone you’ve been dating and how they feel about you.

It also occurs for those who want to know if their lovers are genuine or not…

So no, you’re not dreaming, this really is happening!!!!

Key Takeaway:

  • Allow that other person to treat you kindly, let your guard down a little.
  • Don’t rush or force anything, allow it to come naturally.
  • Give that person more attention and see what happens…

5.) Two Of Cups: “If only I understood earlier…”

The Two Of Cups symbolizes communication and a new level of connection with you and your partner.

This card usually appears for those who are married or in a long term relationship that have yet to resolve a past issue of theirs.

A new beginning is approaching, but in order for this to happen a few road bumps in your relationship may occur first.

These momentary hiccups will most likely be in the form of an argument that will likely last a day or two…

But don’t worry, once you release from these past traumas they will heal and manifest an even stronger relationship between the two of you.

Key Takeaway:

  • Listen to what your partner has to say, try to understand their perspective.
  • Remember after dark times come the most important lessons to heal.
  • This is only a momentary occurrence.

6.) Ace Of Wands: “I Can’t Resist…”

Ace of wands symbolizes sexual connection, lust, and sensual energy forming in your love life.

A fling is about to manifest with someone new or even someone you’ve had fun with in the past, but just know that it’s about to get juicy…

Be playful, experimental, and don’t be afraid to get a bit freaky in the sheets, just as long as it feels safe and comfortable for you!

Although this may not lead to anything official, you will certainly learn about your sexual wants, needs and desires for future partners.

Key Takeaway:

  • Stop resisting sexual urges.
  • Try new things that you feel comfortable with.
  • Be prepared to learn about new sexual desires you never knew you had.

7.) Queen Of Pentacles: “It’s time to find balance..’ 

The Queen Of Pentacles is a grounding card that often symbolizes the nurturing mother in the physical world.

When this tarot card is drawn for love, it’s often for those with established careers that are lacking in their emotional relationships outside of work.

Your career has been your number one priority for a long time, it’s time to find more balance between that and your personal love life.

If you don’t have much time to try and find love, try speed dating or online dating apps!

Key Takeaway:

  • Identify what’s important to you.
  • Make room for more love in your life!


Tapping into the great divine using the ancient ritual of Tarot reading is the perfect way to understand more about your personal love life!

For first time readings, it can feel a little daunting and somewhat scary to question the future, but you’ll walk away with a totally different perspective than you did when you started… 

Remember that everyone’s spiritual experience is slightly different with Tarot, so embrace the unknown and be excited for what your future relationships may hold! 

As I said earlier, due to recent events it hasn’t been easy to get readings from professionals face to face, so I do recommend you try an interactive online reading instead. 

Again, these are extremely accurate and they also offer personal readings for free! 

The site I found to have accurate card readings is trueloveanswers.com

So if you haven’t already, give it try for yourself and tell me how it goes in the comment section below!

I look forward to hearing from you!