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Sun diagram: what it is, characteristics, how to do it, examples, template

We define what a sun diagram is, we explain how it is made, its characteristics, and we give several examples.

What is a sun diagram?

He sun diagram, sun scheme or sun map is a graphic form in which a particular theme is expounded or synthesized. Through this visual tool, the understanding of a particular topic to be studied is facilitated.

Like other graphic tools, sun charts are widely used to teach specific topics, since thanks to their shape the main ideas and concepts that make up these topics are summarized.

In the sun diagram there is a central element that can be a word, phrase or small paragraph that will be explained by means of keywords located around it. This main concept is enclosed in a circle, while the items surrounding it are shaped like sunbeams, thus giving this type of chart its name.

Unlike other similar visual tools, the sun chart presents your information in an organized and structured way. In this way, there are issues that can be better explained through said scheme.

Features of sun diagrams

In order to know how and when to use this type of visual tools, it is important to know their characteristics. Some of these are:

– Not only is it used to organize and synthesize information on a specific topic, but it is also used to compare concepts about a particular content.

– It is used to explain simple and complex topics. Likewise, the sun diagrams can be focused on teachers, students of basic or advanced levels.

– They are not only used so that people can learn a subject, but also to help memorize different concepts.

– When designed and built, sun diagrams must have a clear and simple structure that makes it easy to read.

– It must have a central theme that is explained by means of key words or concepts that revolve around it.

– Just as its structure must be simple and clear, the terms described in it must be equally easy to understand and be specific.

– The central theme to be explained should be enclosed in a circle to give it greater relevance and importance, while the elements that are going to explain it should be located around it, being highlighted by arrows that resemble sunbeams.

sun diagram elements

Among the components that the sun diagrams have, there is the central circlewhere the main idea to be studied is located.

In addition to the central circle, there are the good heavens, which are elements that link the main topic with the keywords that explain it. These revolve around it and are arranged in an orderly manner to facilitate their understanding.

It is important to mention that both the central circle and the sun’s rays must have some color and way that highlights them. Thus, the explanation of the content as such is simplified.

How do you make a sun diagram?

1- Choose the central theme

As a first step to elaborate this type of schemes, the information to be synthesized must be analyzed and later, the main idea to be described must be extracted. This can be a word, phrase, or short paragraph that shows what will be displayed on the chart.

2- Choose the keywords

Once this central theme has been defined, the keywords that explain it in the simplest and most concrete way possible must be selected. In this way, you will be achieving the most relevant concepts that can easily describe the main idea.

3- Organize central theme and secondary words with the shape of the Sun

Having already selected both the essential topic to be studied and the key words that will explain it, we proceed to schematize them in the form of the sun.

This is done by placing the primary idea in a large central circle and around the key words above the arrows that represent the sun’s rays.

The number of keywords that are located in the diagram depends on the analysis made initially and the complexity of the topic to be exposed.

sun diagram examples

sun diagram on globalization

Sun diagram over living beings

Sun Diagram Over Social Media

template to download

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