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Summary sheet: what it is, characteristics, what it is for, examples

We explain what the summary sheets are, their characteristics, what they are for, how to do them and we give several examples.

The summary sheet is a work sheet that lists the main ideas or concepts of a book, chapter, or article, with minimal data to identify the source of the information.

Since it is a summary, the student or researcher must use their own words to synthesize the ideas or topics that interest them in the marked text. However, if there is an original sentence of the text that serves for the summary, it is convenient to place it in quotation marks.

Characteristics of a summary sheet


The summary card takes the essential or specific aspects of a topic, it does not take entire paragraphs of a text but the main ideas.


It must include data such as main topic, author, work, chapter or article, bibliographic references (publisher, country and year of publication), date of consultation, abstract and note or comment.


The summary tab is used to organize the information that is collected during an investigation. The tab allows you to know where each idea comes from, from which author or text.

The summary sheet also helps to order the information, how it will be available, thus helping to structure the investigation or presentation of a topic, if applicable.

How to make a summary sheet? Data to include

The summary sheet contains the elements detailed below:

Main topic

Main name of the research being carried out.

Author and work

Name of the author and of the work, chapter or article to be summarized. It is convenient to always place the author by the last name, to facilitate its subsequent location in the bibliography.

Bibliographic reference

If it is relevant to the research, it is advisable to write down the publisher, the country and the year of publication. If it is a digital consultation, indicate the link or link, and the date when the consultation was made.

The summary

The main ideas or the most relevant data for the investigation are placed, so that the stored information can be quickly understood. Write in short and understandable sentences.

The summary depends on what data each researcher is looking for, so the sheets on the same article or book can be completely different.

note or comment

The researcher places his observations or comments on the summarized text, or indicates where the information collected on the sheet could go in the investigation he is carrying out.

Examples of Summary Tabs

Example 1: Nonfiction Book Summary Sheet

Example 2: internet summary sheet

Example 3: contamination summary sheet

Example 4: summary sheet of a novel (one hundred years of solitude)


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