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Sports call: what it is, elements, what it is for, examples

Which is a sports call?

A sports call It consists of the invitation addressed to the general public to participate in a certain sporting event, which can cover disciplines as varied as football, basketball, board games and video games.

Other authors also define this concept as a resource carried out by the coach of a certain team when selecting the players that will make up the official group. The call uses a series of tests carried out during a period to measure the skills and abilities of the participants and choose the best ones.

This invitation must be made formally and in writing, so that the communication can reach all the groups that may be interested in the process. Among other main objectives, it stands out that the sports call also seeks the integration and participation of the community.


A sports call has three main parts:


It is where the names of the authorities and the institution, whether private or public, are placed. If it has an official corporate image, it must be placed in this same section.

Likewise, it is important to highlight the date of issue of the communication so that potential participants know when it was made.


An introduction is made with the title «Call», which can be written in capital letters. Next, the reason for the call is described and, if possible, the laws or regulations to which the holding of this type of event is subject are placed.

Then the bases of the call will be indicated, which may have the following: start date of the activities, the duration of the same -generally they last several weeks-, space where it will be carried out, requirements to be met for registration , the number of powers and authorities involved.

In some structures, the type of uniform or clothing to be used, the regulations that will govern the competitions in the different disciplines and the prizes that will be awarded are also considered.


In some of these communications it closes by naming again the organizers and other authorities involved. Finally, their signatures are included and, if they want to register, a last invitation.

basic structure

Place and start date.
Categories and disciplines.
Registration and costs.
Tests to be done.
Uniforms and clothing.
General expenses.
Judges, referees and other authorities involved.
Rules and regulations that must be respected throughout the event. In some cases, the corresponding penalties are introduced when a foul is infringed.

What is it for?

Primarily, a sports call is the means used to invite the public and other participants to compete in certain disciplines, in order to measure their abilities in the eliminatory and preselection rounds.

The latter will make it possible to define the team that will be used to compete against others in championships or more formal matches.

Some organizations have taken this initiative in order to unite communities in an exercise of social inclusion. Even, the sports calls are part of programs that seek creativity, connectivity and the deepening of relationships between members.

According to the Higher Sports Council (CSD), in Spain «sports activities tend to facilitate contact and relationships between people and groups.»

Current social and sports projects

In the first instance, the CSD made a first call to analyze the already existing sports and cultural programs, to later define which ones could be sustainable over time. Some of these are the following:

Rugby capsules, which seeks the implementation of this discipline in the population as a means to teach the importance of teamwork and coordination among members. It is aimed especially at children and young people, although there are groups for adults.
Follow-up of women’s soccer teams, not only in the participation in tournaments and games, but also in the monitoring of the relationships that take place during the process.
The Passion Tournament is held in Barcelona, ​​whose main objective is to teach basketball as a sport and recreational discipline. Through the practice of the movements and regulations, the players will have the ability to participate in said tournament, where they will display the skills learned.


At present there are different types of sports calls. The following example will take into account one of the ways of structuring these calls:

Name of the institute and the rest of the departments and managements that comprise it.
CALL (In this same title you can place the type of call you want to make).
Body. The department that is organizing the event is placed and to whom it is directed. On certain occasions it only extends to students, workers or the general public, since it will depend largely on the objectives of the event.
Bases. Important information is specified, such as the place and date of the call, as well as the disciplines and categories that will be carried out. Sometimes the ages for each of these are highlighted.
Registration and other information. Some calls request the presentation of a national identification document to formalize the registration, as well as the contribution of a certain amount of money in order to pay for the logistics and other expenses of the event.
Other paragraphs. After making clear the registration and other expenses, a specification of the regulations or norms by which the call will be governed will be made. The type of arbitration, clothing and awards will also be added according to the established categories. Closing. At the closing of the communication, the corporate images of each institution or department that is part of the call will be present, as well as the date of issue and the signatures of the authorities. Contact information. Telephone numbers, web pages or emails should be placed for consultation of doubts and/or comments.

Below we present an example of a sports call. It is a volleyball tournament that was held at the Universidad San Ángel, in Mexico:

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