7 junio, 2024

Spider map: what it is, structure, advantages, examples

What is a spider map?

A spider map is a graphic organizer whose purpose is to help structure ideas and thoughts. It is simple in structure and designed to concisely present the most important ideas about a topic.

Concept maps in general are widely used in research processes. These are outlines that help organize all the ideas about a topic. Thus, they facilitate the understanding of this, as well as quick access to relevant information.

Its adaptability is a great advantage. It can be used as a tool to outline ideas before carrying out a project or as a visual aid in presentations. This is due to the simplicity of the presentation of ideas.

It is very useful as a research and study resource, as it is a quick way to record and organize important information on a specific topic.

Spider map structure

spider shape

Spider maps get their name from the shape they resemble; that of a spider In this image the main idea represents the body of the spider, while the subordinate ideas are the legs.

The spider map scheme is quite simple, and much of its advantages lie in this aspect.

Ideas come from the center

The main idea from which all the others start is located in the center, thus illustrating its hierarchy. From this central idea the others branch off, all directly connected to the main idea.

Among these secondary ideas the main idea is broken down; that is, these can be characteristics, relevant features or observations about it.

As its capacity is limited to a maximum of 8 secondary ideas, it is important to make a preliminary draft with all the ideas that were considered important.

It is a good idea to do a review of the draft and make sure that only the most important notes are kept.

Tool to expose ideas

The spider map is a very useful graphic organizer when presenting ideas, therefore it is a very popular tool. But there are aspects that are not entirely advantageous in this type of schemes.

Another example

Advantages of a spider map

1- Show the ideas clearly

The layout of the content is simple and friendly.

2- Easy to make

It has a simple structure scheme that at the same time contains the essential information of the subject. So it is possible to know the subject in a general way.

3- Easy to understand visually

Ideas are clearly arranged.

4- It is striking

It is easy on the eyes, which makes it more attractive to readers.

5- The exposed data is linked to the central theme

Your outline makes ideas easy to relate to the topic.

Disadvantages of a spider map

1- The information is organized without hierarchy

It does not show relevant data related to the priority that an element may have over the others.

2- The relationship between elements is disordered

The relationship between the data presented is not clear.

3- It is limited to the data it exposes

The ideas linked to the central theme cannot be subdivided.

4- Has the ability to expose little information

The same simple structure works against it, since it has a very limited capacity.

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