10 junio, 2024

social characteristics of a person

A person has multiple characteristics, qualities, and flaws, some of which we call individual or personal characteristics. These refer to the identity of the person, to her emotions and capacities.

Other characteristics have to do specifically with how the person relates in society, that is, in their relationships with the rest of the people in their environment. these are the calls social characteristics and determine your sociability or social intelligence, that is, your ability to establish good relationships with your family, classmates or friends.

Let’s look at some of those characteristics that, when possessed, allow you to have positive and fruitful social relationships.

The social characteristics of a person

need to socialize

The first thing is that you have the need or impulse to interact socially, since, without that impulse to interact with others, there are few possibilities of weaving solid and positive social relationships.

ability to live

It is not enough to feel the need to socialize, you must also have the ability to do so. Which, among other things, requires having the required tolerance, that is, the ability to respect the opinions of others. As well as the ability to reach common agreements and participate in the proposed activities and in the search for solutions to common problems.


This is a fundamental characteristic in social relationships, since you cannot understand others, nor reach a healthy coexistence, if you are not capable of putting yourself in the place of others and trying to understand their points of view.

Sense of belonging

If you do not feel part of a community, of a society, if you are not able to integrate to some extent, good socialization is not possible. You have to feel the community as something important in your life, feel that you belong to it and, therefore, love it.

master the language

Language is the center of all culture and society, whoever does not master the language can be physically in a social environment, but cannot interact with other people properly. So that feature is essential, if you want to socialize in a community, you have to speak their language.

communication skills

It is not enough to know how to speak a language, it is also essential to know how to communicate, which implies knowing how to transmit your ideas and listen to those of others. That of being a good speaker and knowing how to listen.

Common culture and values

The language is not the only cultural element of importance for a good socialization, it is also required to know the values ​​that drive the functioning of that society. As well as their general culture, their customs and ways of doing things. You don’t have to agree with everything, but you do have to know and respect it.


One of the things that most affect social relationships is dishonesty, that is, when people do not act fairly, break agreements, lie or violate social norms. So being honest is a trait that contributes to good socialization.


A society is not merely a group of individuals, it is a group of people who are related to develop a great common life project. In such a way that building a viable society requires caring people, that is, capable of helping others and collaborating in socially shared projects.

Mastery of the norms and laws of the community

Every society is built based on norms and laws, so an essential characteristic, if we want society to work, is to comply with the law. A person whose tendency is to constantly break the law becomes an element that breaks social coexistence.

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