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Sketch: what it is, characteristics, types, examples, elements, what it is for

We explain what a sketch is, its characteristics, elements and types. Finally, we give several examples of sketches.

What is a sketch?

A sketch It is a drawing that represents in a simple way images or ideas and that is made without resorting to drawing instruments or exact measurements. These types of schemes are generally based on models that come from nature or on visually overturning imaginary concepts.

A sketch serves to offer a approximate image of a specific place or space. It can be thought of as a much simpler version of a blueprint, drawn without giving too much detail to what is being drawn.

In it design fieldthe sketches provide perspectives on the real world, a concrete space, objects and ideas that is sought to be captured on paper to start from there in a design or invention. Among the disciplines that frequently use this tool are design, architecture and different branches of art.

In the daily lifethe sketches are made to give directions to other people on how to get to a specific point. Basic drawings and elements such as arrows are used, giving importance to the fact that it is useful to reach the place and not to the quality of the drawing.

Sketch Features

– HE elaborate by handwithout using precision tools or exact measurements.

– His crafting is fastdoes not include too many details and obeys a purely practical purpose.

– His objective is to provide an approximate image of a spaceto serve as a visual and schematic reference of the represented place.

– Although it is a free drawing, you must respect the proportions as far as possible.

They do not require any particular skill for drawing and can be done by anyone, since it is a sketch or draft.

It must be clear and understandable for the people who are going to use it, giving simple instructions.

– To use it may be necessary complement it with verbal instructions or some other type of graphic material and/or annotations.

What is a sketch used for?

A sketch is used to quickly express an idearoughly embodying the characteristics of a particular site or something that is planned to be built. It can be used as a reference to understand the qualities of a specific terrain, landscape or place.

It is commonly used as a guide to to get to a place or to explain how a space is distributed. Therefore, its objective is mainly informative, although it can also have preventive or restrictive functions.

Elements of a sketch

Generally, sketches contain two elements:

Free drawing that is done by hand: The level of detail depends on who draws it, but it is expected to be a simple, freehand drawing containing basic descriptive details.
Annotations or clarifications: indicate extra information that complements what the sketch indicates, normally with details in the margin. They can be measurements, instructions, or symbols like arrows.

Sketch Types

topographic sketches: represent the relief of a surface, which can be a terrain or region, with a minimum of detail.
panoramic sketches: they reproduce the point of view of the person who drew the sketch, composing a kind of mental photograph.
didactic sketches: are used for educational purposes, allowing students to better understand the subject that is being addressed.
ideation sketches: they are created from scratch, based on an imaginary concept that is sought to be captured in a drawing; They are used for inventions, creations and all kinds of ideas that come from the imagination.
memory sketch: they represent real spaces, but they are made from memories and mental images that one has of these spaces, without going to them.
artistic sketches: are sketches of objects that will be transferred to paper; They are used in contexts related to art or drawing classes, as well as for the purpose of rehearsing in artistic projects.

Difference Between Sketch and Map

The main difference between a sketch and a geographic map is that the sketch represents spaces without scales, projections or geographic coordinates.

The sketches incorporate basic elements to be able to understand what a place is like or how to get to it, such as words or figures, without having to be an exact representation.

sketch examples

Sketch to get to a camp

sketch of a town

sketch of an island

Sketch of a town 2


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