7 junio, 2024

Shrek buchón meme: what it is, meaning, origin, characters

What is the Shrek buchón meme?

He Shrek meme pout It was a series of memes that became some of the most popular in all of Mexico during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly during the months of total quarantine.

These are edited images showing DreamWorks’ beloved green ogre and his colorful family, all dressed as mocking pouts.

What does it mean to be a buchón?

In Mexico, buchón is a derogatory or pejorative term used to refer to certain people who fit a very particular stereotype. This term is used very frequently in the north and northwest of the country, particularly in Sinaloa.

The term buchón has two different connotations. On the one hand, a buchón or a buchona is a person who is characterized by giving excessive importance to material things, dresses extravagantly, with expensive clothes, spends a lot of money and, in addition, usually resolves things through violence.

So, to be a real buchón, you need to have money… a lot of money. In addition, most of the buchones are also young people, and many live in Sinaloa. For these reasons, it is common to associate true buchones with drug trafficking.

Another more common meaning for buchón

Despite the fact that buchón is a quite negative term, many also use it with another meaning. In practically all of Mexico, the term buchón is used to refer to people who try to imitate (with little success) buchónes like those of Sinaloa.

But being a buchón is very expensive, and most young people do not have the money to afford designer clothes, a yacht and the latest iPhone. So, in an attempt to appear like what they are not, they go for cheap imitations.

The meaning of the Shrek buchón meme

The Shrek pooter meme is used to make fun of people who fit the stereotype of pooter copycats.

Generally, it refers to someone humble who wears poor quality imitation clothing, usually one size too small, which makes them look more or less ridiculous.

The memes consist of photos in which the distinctive features of the buchón are highlighted. This includes your mode of transportation, your home, the imitation products you buy, and especially excessively tight imitation clothing.

Origin of the Shrek buchón meme

No one knows exactly who was the first to put Shrek’s face on a photo of a buchon’s body, but this happened in March 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

The meme became very popular in Mexico, since the buchón stereotype is common in the country. In Mexico, everyone knows someone who perfectly fits the above description. This makes it so funny, it quickly went viral.

Shrek buchón meme characters

The poofy Shrek meme involves not only Shrek, but his entire family. In addition to the green ogre, there is also his wife, Fiona, the puchona, which is used to represent the buchón’s wife, girlfriend or partner, or simply the Mexican puchona women.

Shrek babies are also often incorporated into memes when you want to represent younger buffoons, such as children and teenagers.


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