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Sentences with w: examples and rules of use

The letter w comes from a proto-Semitic character wow. The primitive figure of the w is given from the union of two “v”, in this way it was used in the 7th century. It is around the time of the XI that the shape we know today became popular. It is mostly used in English and German, which is why in Spanish there are no proper words with that character.

As we mentioned before, the w is not typical of the language, there are only words from other languages ​​called “foreign words”. Due to this, only 47 words of this type can be found in the Spanish lexicon. The most common syllables are «wa» and «wi» present in 6 and 5 terms respectively.

The other combinations are little variable. We can name “we”, “whis” and “wah”, which are two words each. Also in the Spanish language, various proper names have been adopted with said letter, some examples are Wendy, William and Wilfredo. Next, we will be able to observe some sentences with the w.

Example sentences with words beginning with w

– Executives are celebrating the signing of the business agreement with whiskey.

– The school teacher created a group of WhatsApp with all the representatives.

– The competition of water polo of the club is very interesting.

– In the cooking class they will teach us to cook waffles.

– The page Web buying and selling has several offers.

– The capital of New Zealand is wellington.

– I will buy a wok to prepare Chinese food at home.

– The connection Wifi from college has improved a lot.

rules of the w

All foreign words used in Spanish that originally go with that letter are written with w

– He walkman it was a portable player that used cassettes and headphones.

– I would love to learn to do windsurfing.

– Capacitor is 100 watts of power.

– In the building they hired several watchmen new.

– My best friend is called Walter.

– Jennifer Pareja is a water polo player well-known Spanish

– The White House is located at Washington.

–Wilson bought a new car.

– On the weekend we will take a tour of the whiskeys of the state.

– The operating system of my computer is Windows.

– The teacher congratulated Waldo for his excellent grades.

– On the periodic table the tungsten It has atomic number 74.

– I love watching the tournament Wimbledon tennis.

– The Japanese like to use the wasabi to cook.

– One of the best actresses in the play is Wanda.

– We will take some walkie talkie for summer camp.

– Western movies are also known as western.

– There are many windsurfers on the beach.

–Wilmer and Maria got engaged on Sunday.

Sentences with words containing w

– My mom made me a sandwich Ham and cheese.

– There is a new one Show sports on TV.

– Country rappers have a lot flow.

–Darwin he invited his friends to the basketball game.

– Computer scientists create a variety of software for computers.

– He Kiwi It is a berry rich in vitamin C.

I want to start practicing taekwondo.

– I love food taiwanese

– The dancers will do a dance hawaiian at the party.

– The hard drive and memory are part of the hardware from a computer.

– I will buy a sandwich Maker for my new house.

– I like jackets with fabric tweed.

– I arrive a cowboy from the police to the crime scene.

– In the dance class today they will teach us to dance twist.

– Today in physics we were taught the laws of Newton.

– In October we will have a big birthday party Halloween.

– I want to eat waffles with chocolate.

– I like to watch football matches on television. water polo.

– One of the gifts that I remember the most is that of a walkman.

– I met a friend washingtonian in the airport.

– The island of taiwan belongs to the ROC.

– I love eat sandwich chicken with cheese

– Wenceslas He came to visit and brought gifts to the children.

– The electronic device has 10 kilowatt of power.

– My cousin oswaldo will come out in a Show of cooks on the internet.

– The Republic of malawian It is located in South East Africa.

– Children like to play Wii every afternoon.

– The office tool word It is very useful for transcribing papers.

– There are 4 equations of Maxwell for electromagnetic phenomena.

– He windsurfing It consists of moving in the water on a board with a sail.

– He wok It is a large frying pan used by most Asians for cooking.

– The waffles they are made from a mixture that contains mainly wheat flour.

I have a problem with it Wifi from my cell phone.

– I want to go to Los Angeles and meet many stars Hollywoodians.

– In the hotel there is a fruit salad with Kiwi and pineapple.

– Wilfredo He is working doing transportation and removals.

– Peter bought whiskey to celebrate the birth of her daughter.

– Juan won the gold medal in the taekwondo.

–Wilmer He bought his wife flowers for their 10th anniversary.

– Music swing it’s a style of jazz.

– The place Web from the clothing store is very eye-catching.

– My laptop has various problems hardware.

– He wallaby It is an animal similar to a kangaroo, but smaller.

– In Morse code, the W is assigned the name of whiskey

– One of the Muslim religious currents is called Wahhabism.

– The teacher asked to maintain communication via Web on holiday.

– In a wifiber There is high speed connectivity for data transfer.

I want to learn some dance Hawaiian.

–Wendy is one of my best friends.

– They called me to attend the Show questions on national television.

– The group of programmers have created a variety of software computer.

– He wasabi It is a very spicy Japanese seasoning.

I need to install one webcam for the work meeting by video call.

– The carpenter always a winch To measure.

– He watchmen from school is very kind and takes care that no stranger passes by.

– Walia she is a great friend of my mom and always brings me sweets when she visits us.

– The synthesis neodarwinian He talks about the evolution of species.


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