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Sentences with h: examples and rules of use

The letter h in Spanish comes from Hebrew. heth, whose meaning is “closed”. Said character is not a consonant, it only represents an aspiration. The h is silent, but there is an exception when it is accompanied by the letter c, thus forming the phoneme «ch». In several Latin words, h substituted for f; Some of these words are: “talk” (talk) or “hablar” (farto).

Likewise, the letter h has a medium-low frequency in Spanish, occupying position 17. The number of words in which it appears is 8,640, which represents 1.08% of the total. The most common combination with this sign is “cha”, with a percentage of 0.36 (1,209 words).

Together with the vowels, the h occurs in the following numbers of words in Spanish: he, 524; hi, 469; ha, 429; ho, 413; and hu, 168. Additionally, the letter h presents various spelling rules and their exceptions, and all of them will be presented below.

Sentences with words starting with h

– Today in the afternoon I will take the children to eat ice creams.

– The ants they are insects.

– The teacher told us to talk to of the nature.

– I had a nightmare awful last night.

– I would like to go to the countryside and see the tax authorities of my uncle.

– My mom is baking cookies.

h rules

Words that begin with diphthongs “ia”, “ie”, “ue” and “ui”

– Pedro is looking for all the alternatives to flee.

– 2 must be opened hollow to plant the trees.

– Several were observed footprints in the path.

– Desire is a word with hiatus strong vowels.

– boil the water before drinking it.

– There are various herbs with healing properties.

– The chemical element of iron It is faith.


The word iatrogenic.

starts with h words beginning with hydr, hypo, hyper, hosp

– This weekend there are races in the racecourse.

– I already paid the last installment of the mortgage.

– He hydrogen It is a chemical element represented by the letter H.

– Buy 1 cream to hydrate the skin.

– A hyperbole It is used to express something and thus exaggerate and attract attention.

– The children are very hyperactive after they ate the cake.

– These holidays there are a large number of people hosted at the hotel.

– They remodeled the hospital main of the city.

In the conjugation of verbs beginning with h

– Will everything possible to go tomorrow.

– Juan would speak with Miguel after work.

– For the next month I will have lost 10 kilos with the diet.

– You will they swelled Grandma’s feet

– Francisco humiliated José when they argued.

– HE will enable all movie theaters this weekend.

– Miguel’s diabetes is hereditary.

– HE sank Mark’s boat

– Bears used to hibernate for many months.

In words where the first syllable ends in a consonant and the second begins in a vowel, there is an interspersed h

– Alicia defoliated a flower with a sad face

– I repaired the torn pages with adhesive.

– There was a lot ado in the halls of the university this morning.

– I long see you again very soon.

– Get home exhausted from so much work

– Francisco is in an emergency because inhaled smoke in the fire


If the first syllable is a prefix and is added to a word that does not have h. For example: contempt, great-grandfather, compadre.

Words with three continuous vowels in which the last two form a diphthong beginning with u take h.

– To the peanut it is also known as peanut.

– Hector wants shun of your responsibility.

– Police seized a shipment of dope.

Words that begin with hum and continue with a vowel

– Because of the rain, there is a lot humidity in the room.

– The humans We must protect the earth.

– It feels a lot smoke in the environment.

– I must moisturize the skin so that the sun does not hurt me in the summer.


The terms threshold, umbilical, umbra, umbelliferous, umbel, umbráculo, umbrío.

Words beginning with the Greek prefix: hect-, hemi-, hepta-, hetero-, hexa-, hydro- and host-

– The field measures 20 hectares.

– A hectogram equals 100 grams.

– The earth has two hemispheres.

– Luisa’s grandfather suffered a hemiplegia.

– In mathematics we learned what a heptagon.

– A word heptasyllable It has seven syllables.

– The top layer of the earth is called heterosphere.

– A system heterogeneous It is composed of 2 or more phases.

– The system hexadecimal has base 16.

– He hexagon is a polygon with six sides.

– Energy hydraulics It is used to generate electricity.

The layer of water that surrounds the earth is called hydrosphere.

– Luisa felt harassed by German.

The words that begin with horr and hor followed by mon

– The pastry chef I bake all the cookies for the party.

– There are two movies horror at the cinema.

– There are more than 10,000 species of ants in the world.

– The bakers They are birds, their nests are shaped like oven earthen.


The words ormesí, ornament, ornate, ornithology.

Terms beginning with hol followed by a g

– Grandma says that Mauricio is a idle.

– Holgón is a synonym for the word idle.

– The shirt fits me a lot baggy

– There are still books in the suitcase, there is enough slack.


Olga’s own name.

The words that begin with her and continue mon

– Mark has 4 siblings.

I was invited to join a Brotherhood in college.

– Francisco placed his lunch in a completely airtight.

– The doctor said I had a hernia that he had to operate.


The terms hermit, hermit, ermunio, hermitage and Ernesto.

Compound words that have words with h

– My dad is Bad mood.

– I like candies peppermint.

– The seaplanes They can land on the water.

– In the frozen seas sail the icebreaker.

The vowels that represent the verb to have go with h

– I have wanted to go to the concert for years.

– She ha been reading all night.

used for interjections

– OohIt seems strange to me that this happened.

– Oh! Look how much meat went up in price.

– HelloDear friend.


Some interjections do not have h, such as: ay, ey, ole, among others.


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