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Sentences with f: examples and rules of use

The letter f is the sixth of the Spanish alphabet and is the fourth consonant in the order of appearance. It is of moderately low use in the Spanish language, with a presence in 8574 words, an average of 1.07%. Its name is pronounced “efe” and in the plural “efes”, its capitalized form is “F”. This consonant has a voiceless labiodental fricative phoneme.

The most common combination with the letter f is «fi», with an occurrence of 1,600 Spanish words (0.47%). The other forms have less percentage. It is followed by “fa”, with 984 appearances (0.29%); «fo», with 815 (0.24%); and «faith», with 804 (0.23%). The least common are “for” and “fu”, with 382 (0.11%) and 311 (0.09%), respectively.

By itself the letter f also represents several things, according to where it is used. In chemistry, it represents the symbol for fluorine and in physics it is degrees Fahrenheit. In the Greek musical notation system it represents the note fa. It is used colloquially on the web to show respect, this due to the famous video game COD (Call of Duty).

Sentences with words beginning with f

– From the lighthouse there is a splendid landscape.

– It is said at school that María has a bad fame.

– I loved the skirt I saw at the mall.

– My mom made some beans delicious.

– I must go to pharmacy to buy a pain reliever.

– Next week we will go to the factory of shoes in the capital.

– The family is the pillar fundamental of the society.

– The Amazon has a wonderful flora and fauna.

– Missing a few days until Christmas arrives.

– We will prepare one for you. party Grandma for her 80 years.

– After the diet I have had some results fabulous.

– They will inaugurate a new station railway in the capital.

– The carpenter went to the hardware store to buy a screw

– There are termites in the house, we must call the service fumigation.

– The fountain from the square is very pretty and fun.

– In the water park there are seals and dolphins.

– I like soup with noodles.

I’m going to buy my mom one. flower for his birthday.

– Francisco is tall and skinny.

– I learned three figures geometric, these are: square, triangle and circle.

– My older brother studies finance.

– Manuel has phobia spiders.

– Today my team plays favorite football.

– In it future I will make better decisions.

– In the market they sell a variety of fruit.

I saw a star last night fleeting.

– They will open several franchises of clothing stores in the city.

– There are many jars of jam in the fridge.

– Many teenagers love Photographs.

– Hercules had a lot force.

– When making a purchase it is mandatory to receive a bill.

– Some athletes use girdles when doing exercises.

– The restaurant cashier reported a missing in the box.

– In the park there are many lanterns lit.

– Next month is festival of the pumpkin

– Tutankhamun is one of the pharaohs most important in Ancient Egypt.

– Fabian You should go to the doctor, because you have a lot of fatigue.

– Dairy products are high fountain of match.

Sentences with words containing the letter f

– In the circus there are many animals, among them we can find tigers and elephants.

– My dad shave every day.

– Cameroon belongs to the mainland African.

– In the reefs there are many algae and corals.

– Peter is will strive for having the best grades this school year.

– Must be focus good camera to take good pictures.

– There is a lot euphoria in the crowd of people.

– We are going to see a movie in the couch.

– Tomorrow at 6:00 pm will be the rug red music awards.

– I will go to the signing of autographs of my favorite singer.

– I must fine tune my guitar for music class

– The claustrophobia It is the fear of staying in a closed place.

– The teacher sent several calligraphies as homework.

– Mariana is a good friend and you can rely in her.

– The young man has a lot eagerness to go home.

– I must affiliate all my personal data to the university website.

– The school swim team ranked to the national qualifiers.

– Due to the pandemic, many safety measures have been taken lockdown.

– My grandfather sharpened all knives.

– The restaurant will offer special salad with cauliflower.

– Rodrigo likes the soda tail.

– Grandma’s jewelry is in the chest golden.

– In the conference Important points about global warming were discussed.

– The mayor will give statements confidential to the journalist of channel 9.

– Police confiscated lots of drugs on the weekend.

– One of the rules of the room is to avoid all kinds of conflict.

– The kitchen is also known as stove.

– Several must be done graphics of company statistics.

– The earth has two hemispheres the north and the south.

– There is a center for orphans in the village.

– open stop undefined Of transport.

– It is not acceptable to be unfaithful to your wife.

– At the end of this trimester they deliver all the ratings.

– Grandpa has inflamed the legs.

– Mauricio is a technician in computing.

– The engineer went to inspect the infrastructure of the building.

– The giraffes they have a very long neck.

– At sunset colors are seen magnificent in the sky.

– I have some slippers in the form of a rabbit

– You have to try all microphones before the concert.

– On Friday there will be many offers at the mall.

– My puppy likes it sniff all.

– You must learn to have excellent orthography.

– Pedro wants to learn to paraphrase.

– The perfumery It has many new fragrances.

– The hummingbird is also known as hummingbird.

– Wanted reflect on the topic of domestic violence.

– Antonio is a cold and you need to go to the doctor.

– Miguel wants to learn to play saxophone.

– Increased rates of the subway passage.

– In the ballet competition there are trophies for first and second place.

– In the excursion there is a walk through the safari.

– You should avoid going out while it rains so as not to to get sick.

– Officially, Cooking classes will begin on Thursday.

– I want a lemonade for freshen me up

– We will make a raffle to collect money for the graduation that will be in July.


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