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Sentences with c: rules and examples

The letter c in Spanish derives from a boomerang-shaped hieroglyph of Egyptian origin (just like the letter g). The origin of the letter c is Protosinaitic. That is to say, from a civilization belonging to the first inhabitants of the Sinai peninsula (before the Hebrews or the Phoenicians).

On the other hand, the letter c has a high frequency of appearance in the Spanish language. Specifically, it is the seventh most used letter, as it is part of 44,700 words, which represents 5.58% of the total. In addition, the syllable «ca» is the fourth most common in Spanish with 2.14% (it appears in 7,274 words).

The syllables «co» «ce», «ci» and «cu» appear in 6,826, 2,425, 2,120 and 1,456 words, respectively. Also, the spelling rules for the use of the letter c are numerous (compared to the rules for other letters) and with some exceptions. Next, its use is explained through sentence examples.

Example sentences with words beginning with c

– The home Antonio’s is very far from mine.

– He jet of water was too cold to drink.

Canada It is a country in North America.

– The cities from Paris and Rome are some of the most beautiful in the world.

– He body Human is made up of cells, organs and systems.

– The writer finished the tale and began to read it to his daughter.

rules of c

In words with the letter group ct and ending in –tion

– The teacher accepted the cor direction (of co-director) of the music institute.

– Gold is a metal with excellent properties of conduction (of conductor).

– In writing it is important to learn from each correction (of correct).

– The goal is to achieve perfection (of perfect).

In words with the sound k before the vowels a, o, u

With the syllable (sound) –ca

– The court forced the king to abdicar.

– Our tocademia trains the best athletes in the region.

– Analyze the aerodynamicsca of the vehicle serves to improve its design.

– All my friends were playing in the albercto.

– Most of my classmates have the cblack hair.

With the syllable (sound) –co

– The abanicor my mother is very nice.

– I love ccook pancakes for snack.

– The “black mamba” is the species of cmost dangerous job in the world.

–Ccopying music to sell it on CD is piracy.

With the syllable (sound) –cu

– David is an expert in repairing acaries.

– The agricEnvironmentally friendly culture allows nature to be conserved.

– The cQuarantine has been very long in some countries.

– That cPicasso’s painting is a sample of his childhood stage.


In words of foreign origin, including: eureka, kafkaesque, kamikaze, karaoke, koala, uzbek, kung-fu, kurdish, kumite.

In words with the k sound at the end of the syllable

– My favorite food is steakc.

– Have a blogc handy notepad is very useful for jotting down ideas.

– I like to picnicc in the mountain.

– My friend Carolina wants to study architecturectour at the university.

– The owl is a bird of prey with habits notcturns.


In words of foreign origin, such as: rock, stock, flashback, kayak, among others.

In words with the sound k before the consonant L

– The Aclimitation is essential to release new fish in the lagoon.

– The boat was stillcnear the beach.

– He cCycling is a very demanding sport.

– He csodium chloride is known colloquially as table salt.


Words derived from foreign languages ​​or proper names. For example: Franklin, klystron…

In words with the sound k before the consonant r

– The most spectacular goal of the year was a truecstole.

– He cMurano glass is considered the most delicate solid material in the world.

– The human being has in each of its cells 23 pairs of cromosomes.

– NGOs are non-governmental, non-profit organizationscro.


Words or names of foreign origin. Such is the case of: Kremlin, Kris, krausismo, kril, among others.

Verbs ending in -ecer

– The roses in the garden bloomed againcer.

– Those who do not listen to adolecin (of suffering from) capacity for reflection.

– It is obligatory to obeycer the laws to maintain order in society.

– Orcas lackandn (of lacking) nostrils on their heads.

– The greencer of the fields is the most exciting time of spring.

– A person willing to learn is someone with the potential to grow.cer.

– There is enough food to supplycbe that town for months.

– Cats are used to disappearcer any invasion of mice.

– It is wise to pleasecer each of the favors received.

– Injuries can appearcer when the heating is not adequate.

In words with the ending –ácea(s), -ácea(s)

– The Cetaceos are endangered marine mammals.

– The skin of the common dolphin is grayish in toneceo.

– Herb plantsceas are usually fast growing.

– Lobsters are crustaceos well known for its flavor.


In this case, it is about specific words: caseo, casea, caucasian, caucasian.

In words with the ending -ancia(s)

– You have to take advantage of times of abundancecia and save for difficult times.

– The recordcai usually produces long-term results.

– His circumstancecia invites you to think optimistically.

– The lactation periodcia is very important for the feeding of the baby.

– They tolerate itcAI is a feature of most advanced societies.

In words with the ending -encia(s)

– The adolescentcia is a transition stage between childhood and adulthood.

– My teacher is an eminentcia in your matter.

– The excellentcia is a value demonstrated by ambitious people.

– Bayern won the 2020 final with a blunt forcecia.

– The state of emergency has been decreedcia.

– Evidence collection was carried outcyas.

In words with the ending -cio(s)

– The announcement has just been producedcio of the new measures.

– The game was for benefitcio of homeless children.

– The inicBusiness ios are almost always difficult.

– The prejudicecIt’s a bad habit.

– That computer has a good precio.


Words like: eyesore, Indonesian, manganese, cesium, potassium, among others.

In words with the ending -cia(s)

– The alopecia is a condition caused by hair loss.

– It is impossible to trust someone full of codecia.

– The universal vote is essential in any democracycia.

– People are needed who show audacitycia.

– I miss the cariescmy pet’s


Words like: amnesia, anxiety, autopsy, epilepsy, gymnastics, hydrangea, church, among others.


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