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Rollo Lothbrock (Hrolf Ganger): who he was, real biography and in Vikings

Who was Rollo Lothbrock?

Lothbrock Roll is a character from the tv series Vikings, Produced by the History network. It is based on a historical figure named Hrolf Ganger (846-932), also known as Rollon the Wanderer or Rollon the Walker. He was a Norwegian warlord, considered the first Duke of Normandy. He stood out for his imposing figure of more than two meters and a huge weight of 140 kg.

He was the leader of a group of Danes and Norwegians who were engaged in looting in the North Seas. Exiled from Norway, he led expeditions to Flanders, England, and Scotland. His objective was not, like other Vikings, to besiege the lands where he arrived and plunder them, but rather he was looking for good land to settle.

Biography of Historical Rollo


Hrolf Ganger was born in 846. As for the place of birth, there is no certainty, since writers such as Dudo de San Quentin affirmed that he was Danish. However, this name was generally used for all the inhabitants of Scandinavia. Authors like William de Malmesbury claimed that he was Norwegian, of noble origin. His father was Count Rognvald Eysteinsson.

He married Poppa de Bayeux, former lover of Rollon the Walker. He would turn the duchy of Normandy into a recognized medieval fiefdom. Another wife of Rollon, Gisela de Francia, was also known, a marriage that was part of the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, which was made to protect the kingdom of Neustria from Viking invasions. With Poppa de Bayeux he had two children, William I of Normandy and Gerloc or Adela.

Presence in France

Rollon the Wanderer commanded the Viking fleet that raided France around 885. It is not an exact date, but what is clear is his presence in this kingdom, as there is a letter in which Charles the Simple, king of the Carolingian dynasty He grants him some land. The Viking siege was such after Rollon took Chartres in 911, that he had no choice but to agree with him and cede what would be the future Normandy to him, to avoid greater evils and that the Vikings continue to take over more territory.

loyalty to the king

He later swore allegiance to the king and married Gisela. The tradition of loyalty demanded that Rollón should bow before his majesty and kiss his feet. Rollón could not humble himself and demanded that one of his subordinates do it, but what he did was raise the king and then release him, and he fell noisily to the ground.

Rollón was later baptized as a Christian, putting aside his paganism. He then took Poppa of Bayoux (polygamy was common in Viking society) as his wife, whose father he had murdered during the storming of the city.


Hrolf Ganger extended his territory to the River Vire, one of Normandy’s coastal rivers. He ceded the throne to his son William I of Normandy (this was the name that William Longsword, as his son was originally called, adopted as king).

It is said that Rollón could have lived a few more years after his son took the reins of power. In any case, his death was in Rouen, in 932, although other sources also mention 933. His tomb can be visited today in the Rouen Cathedral.

Nowhere is it stated that he was related or related to Ragnar Lodbrock.

Rollo Lothbrock in the series Vikings

roll on series Vikings He is the brother of Ragnar Lothbrock and husband of Gisela, as well as being the Duke of Normandy. He has three children, William, Marcellus, and Cielsa. Rollo is a Viking feared by many, with great internal struggles and quite impulsive when it comes to acting.

Seasons 1 and 2

The first time Rollo appears in the series, he is accompanying his brother Ragnar to attack England. The attraction he feels for Lathgertha, wife of his brother, is also known.

In the Lindisfarme Monastery

In another episode Rollo can be seen with his brother in the Lindisfarme monastery, in the kingdom of Northumbria. Ragnar is with Athelstan, who will later have the difficult task of converting to paganism, or at least trying to. Rollo wants to kill Athelstan, but Ragnar stops him; he tells her that it is much more useful to have him alive.

Invade Hexam

In this chapter Earl Haraldson authorizes the Vikings to a new raid on the kingdom of Northumbria. Thus, the Lothbrock brothers and the rest of the crew disembark and see that there are a few Anglo-Saxons who receive them.

Rollo says they must kill them. In their wake, they leave the beaches desolate and full of blood, and the Vikings decide to raid Hexam, in order to sow panic among its inhabitants.

Ragnar kills Earl Haraldson

In a trial against Ragnar, Rollo tries to bribe the count, but in vain, because Ragnar is finally acquitted with the support of his brother. Later Rollo is tortured by Haraldson. Ragnar challenges the Count to a duel and kills him.

Thus, Ragnar becomes the jarl of Kattegat. And Rollo is related to Siggy, the widow of the old jarl.

Deal with Aelle

Negotiations with King Aelle of Northumbria come later. Ragnar and the Vikings have captured the king’s brother and demand a ransom. Aelle agrees to the deal, but one of them must convert to Christianity. This is taken by all as a mockery, although Rollo offers to do it, to the astonishment of the others.

Rollo’s Christening

In this way comes the baptism of Rollo, who does not take it as seriously as it seems. It is Floki who is offended, because he believes that they are going against their pagan principles and attacking their gods. Later, in an ambush, Rollo kills several Christians and boasts about it to Floki.

The Vikings go on a pilgrimage to Uppsala, where the festivities will take place. Rollo takes the opportunity to drink, celebrate big, and have sex with other women, a matter that makes Siggy quite uncomfortable.

Face to face with Ragnar

He later battles his brother Ragnar, in which he injures Floki and kills Arne. He feels guilty for the death of the latter, since he had previously been one of his comrades.

When the time comes for the brothers to face each other, they are unable to harm each other. Later Rollo will be taken captive for the betrayal of Kattegat. Although the people ask for his death, they do not execute him. He then apologizes to Ragnar and, humiliated, leaves Kattegat.

Rollo Decay

Rollo suffers a decline, he is seen alone and isolated. They arrive at Kattegat, Horik and Borg to plan with Ragnar another raid on England. Rollo is present, but is not considered to go on the expedition.

Rollo will play an important role in the defense of Kattegat, against the attacks of the Borg, who has not gone to the invasion of England either. The Borg’s attack is very strong and Rollo must evacuate Aslaug and his children and get them out of Kattegat. Upon Ragnar’s return, he advises him and asks him not to attack the Borg, as they have few warriors.

Season 3

In this season Rollo travels with his brother to claim the lands in Wessex. Later he will be part of the joint force that will fight on behalf of Princess Kwenthrith. Rollo and Thorstein consume hallucinogenic mushrooms and try to flirt with the princess, but she refuses.

In the Wessex Viking camp, Rollo is talking to Prince Aethelwulf. Floki reprimands him and tells him that the Christian baptism has finally influenced him, because now he can be friends with them, the Christians.

Roll’s future

Rollo consults the seer with concern, he feels useless, he wants to die, although he tells him that he shouldn’t worry about anything, because fate has interesting things prepared for him.

The assault on Paris arrives and Vikings and Christians prepare for it. It is Rollo who encourages the troops and shouts to encourage them to fight. After a failed maneuver on a ladder, he falls into the water and appears to have died.

Season 4

Rollo has made a pact with the French king: in exchange for his protection against future Viking attacks, he will obtain land in the north of the country. Rollo agrees, and part of the deal is marriage to the king’s daughter. He falls in love with her, and learns to speak her language from her, which prevents her from filing for an annulment. Thus, both fall in love and finally have children.

In addition, he goes to the Viking camp that Ragnar had left and treacherously attacks it, showing the king that he is on his side.

Season 5

After Ragnar’s death, Ivar and Hvitserk ask Rollo for help in attacking Kattegat, as Lathgertha has murdered Aslaug and taken over as queen. Rollo sends out warriors, and they defeat Björn and Lathgertha, who must flee with their few remaining allies.

Rollo manages to find them and asks Lathgertha and Björn to go with him to France, and that he will protect them from anything. It is allowed to suggest in the series that Björn is his son, instead of Ragnar. Neither Björn nor Lathgertha accept his offer, and Rollo goes back to France, and is not heard from again.


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