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Recreational texts: what are characteristics, functions, types, examples

We explain what recreational texts are, their characteristics, types, functions, and we give several examples.

What are recreational texts?

The recreational texts They are writings that are intended to entertain the reader, generating interest, surprise or curiosity. In this way, it is achieved that the receiver can live and have different sensations with the content.

Recreational texts can be popular texts (joke, riddle, proverb) and literary texts (novel, short story, poetry), although some also include graphics (comics).

This type of text can provide useful information, like historical novels or science fiction novels. However, its main purpose is not to inform or educate about a matter, but to entertain and abstract the reader from their own reality.

Characteristics of recreational texts

Characteristics of recreational texts fall into two categories: external and internal.

external features

– They can be written in prose; that is, in phrases or sentences structured in paragraphs, maintaining a poetic and orderly rhyme.

– They can also be written in verses. The set of verses is a stanza, and several stanzas form a poem.

– They can also be presented in the form of poetic prose, which is written in paragraphs, but their forms have verses and rhymes. That is, its structure is given in the form of paragraphs, but the language and words as such are given in a poetic way.

– Some of these writings can also be given in the form of a dialogue. This means that its content is given in the form of a conversation between two or more people. An infinite number of elements can be exposed, such as feelings, ideas, emotions, among others.

– Another of the ways in which recreational texts can be seen is the monologue, which consists of a conversation between a single person, who talks to himself and can interpret different characters, emotions and thoughts.

internal features

– These texts can have narrative forms, where the author tells different stories that are generally not real, but the product of his imagination. You can see different situations that involve characters and elements created by the writer himself.

– Within these stories there are no sensations, emotions or experiences of the author, but are mainly fictional moments and stories.

– You can also see recreational texts in literary format, which, like narratives, present stories, situations and experiences that are generally not from real life. They also involve fictional characters and elements.

– Literary forms differ from narratives in that their texts and messages are transmitted in a much more legible way to the receiver. In other words, its contents are presented in a much simpler and lighter way.

– The other way in which these texts can be presented is what is known as dramatic, which, unlike the previous two, does involve real situations and experiences in which the author may or may not have been involved. The drama exposes a much more direct message, since actions and experiences based on real events are represented.

Functions of recreational texts

The purpose of recreational texts is to entertain and distract the reader with striking and emotional stories that generate different sensations. It can be said that the main function of these contents is to cause distraction or entertain the reader.

On the other hand, one of the functions of these texts is that the reader wants to read more and more about the story that is told, thus allowing them to fully understand the story presented.

Types of recreational texts

There are two groups of these texts: popular and literary.

popular texts

These writings also seek to amuse and entertain, based on the culture and traditions of the place from which they are written.

Within this category there are different styles and shapes:

The joke

They are stories or short stories that tell a funny or humorous situation.

The saying

Short sentences that somehow express popular wisdom giving some teaching or advice.

The song

They are compositions divided into stanzas and that have some musical rhythm, which can have singing and use of different instruments.

the riddle

They are short compositions in which something is explained in an enigmatic way, the readers having to guess it.


They are stories told through the combination of drawings or graphic forms and texts.

Literary texts

Literary texts tell stories or express emotions embellishing the language, to make reading more attractive and entertaining.

The story

It is a basic and brief narrative, where real or fictitious stories are told in a simple way.

The poem

They are normally expressions that are written in verse and have rhymes.

The novel

Like the story, it is a story of real or fictional experiences. However, it becomes a bit more complex and extensive in its content.

Examples of Recreational Texts


The Wizard of Oz.
The Lion King.
Sleeping Beauty.
little thumb.
Hamelin’s futist.
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White.
The cat with boots.
The three Little Pigs.


One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Don Quijote of La Mancha.
The Divine Comedy.
Crime and Punishment.
The island of the treasure.
The Count of Monte Cristo.
The Three Musketeers.
The Lord of the rings.
The Iliad and the Odyssey.
Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
The Chronicles of Narnia.

Theater plays

Romeo and Juliet.
Don Juan Tenorio.
The Celestine.
Julius Caesar.
The deserted island
The miser.
Bernarda Alba’s house.
The Phantom of the Opera.


Elegyby Miguel Hernandez.
gazelle of the terrible presenceby Federico Garcia Lorca.
constant love beyond deathby Francisco de Quevedo.
to a dry elmby Antonio Machado.
cuirass heartby Mario Benedetti.

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