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Proper nouns: definition, types and examples

Proper nouns are words that designate people and animate entities (plants, animals) and inanimate entities (places, objects, entities, etc.) that have a particular quality that distinguishes them and makes them unique.

Nouns or proper names always begin with a capital letter (Gerardo, Mexico City, Nirvana). Proper nouns are those of the people, like Juan, Pedro, Pérez, González, Julieta, María; those of places, like Argentina, Madrid, Everest, Mexico City, Jupiter, Mars; those of animals or pets, like Sultan, Pussycat, Tweety; or of entities and productssuch as the UN, the European Union, Sony, Telefónica, etc.

A proper noun can be that of a person, an entity and also a place name. For example: General Belgrano alludes to the Argentine hero of the 19th century (Manuel Belgrano), and it is also the name of an Argentine city, of an avenue in Buenos Aires and of a sunken ship during the Malvinas war.

Types of proper nouns

Examples of entity proper nouns

The proper nouns of entities or things are those referring to concrete and abstract entities such as companies, trademarks, official and non-governmental institutions and organizations, objects such as ships or space probes, houses, monuments, etc. Some examples are:

Telefónica, Huawei, Taurus, European Union (EU), UN (United Nations Organization), Coca Cola, Pepsi, Toyota, Renault, Fiat, Madrid City Council, CABA (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), Curiosity (scout vehicle that currently travels Mars), Voyager (space probe), Niña (Christopher Columbus’s caravel). Taurus, Alianza Editorial, Suramericana, Fondo de Cultura Económica (FCE), Organization of American States (OAS), Ministry of Labor, Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund, for its acronym in English), SEAT, Don Julio (Mexican tequila), BASF, Nokia, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), ABC (Spanish newspaper). New York Times (NYT, American daily), Spanish Radio Television (RTVE), Organization for African Unity (OUA), Popular Party (PP), Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), Morena (National Regeneration Movement), Renaissance ( historical period), Middle Ages, Independence Day, the Caracazo, Banco Galicia, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank (ECB), Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (BBVA). Beagle (ship in which Charles Darwin went around the world), Calypso (Greek goddess, Jacques Cousteau’s exploration ship), New Horizon (space probe that traveled to Pluto), Apollo (Greek god, space missions that traveled to the Luna), the White House (United States), the Pink House (Argentina), the Parthenon (Greece).

Examples of personal nouns

Nouns proper to persons are the most frequent, and although there may be millions of Ramón, José, Ana or María, when we use them in a sentence we are referring to a particular José or Ana. Some examples are:

Alberto, Ana, Adela, Alejandro, Abraham, Berta, Bob, Brígida, Bella, Carlos, Carolina, Carmen, Cristian, César, David, Diana, Eduardo, Eloísa, Ernesto, Érica, Francisco, Felicia, Felipe, Fernanda, González, Gabriela, Gómez, García, Héctor, Homero, Irma, Irene, Indira, Iván, José, Juana, Jimena, Juvenal, Karl, Kiara, León, López, Luz, Laura, Maite, Mónica, Manuel, Martínez, Ricardo and Rodrigo.

Examples of nouns proper to animals

The proper nouns of animals and, less frequently, plants, are those given to pets or field animals not intended to be eaten, such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, turtles, etc. Some examples are:

Sultan, Lightning, Courage, Marko, Kika, Negro, Blanquita, Cachaza, Mordelón, Sócrates, Greta, Manchas, Cañonero, Babieca (Cid Campeador’s horse), Bucephalus (Alexander the Great’s horse), Argos (Ulysses’ dog), Medialuna , Daphne, Scoobie, Robert, Malasangre, Mariposa, Tornado, Laika, Pongo, Pendrive, Rex, Toby, Bandit, Tom, Simba, Félix, Luna, Nini, Kitty, Tito, Beethoven, Santa’s Helper, Fido, Firulais, Peluso , Pluto, Valiente, Birra, Canela, Canelón, Rocinante (Don Quixote’s horse), Burocracia (Mafalda’s turtle), Orion and Yoyo.

Examples of place nouns

The proper nouns of places are called place names, and are those with which we identify countries, cities, seas, mountains and other geographical features. Some examples are:

Argentina, Madrid, Mexico City, Aconcagua, Everest, Picos de Europa, Andes, Colombia, Bogotá, Caracas, San Juan, Oslo, London, Paris, Tokyo, Valencia, Mérida, Santiago, Tegucigalpa, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Frankfurt , Amsterdam, Orinoco River, Amazon, Tagus, Europe, Oceania, Beijing, Mumbai, Nairobi, Kilimanjaro, Sahara, Morocco, Samarkand, Israel, Tehran, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Iceland, Washington, Spain, Asturias, Oregon, Andalusia, Cádiz, The Marianas, Margarita, Cuba, Havana.

Examples of sentences with proper nouns

herbert plan to travel to Canada on a plane from Iberia.
Juliet and Arthur are living in Valencia for years. These vacations I’m going with Suzanne to Yucatan. If I traveled to Nepal I would try to upload the Everest.
Diego Ordaz He was the first Spaniard to explore the Orinoco.
Pedro has my book on it Renaissance in Italy.
Veronica works in orlando Florida. if you go to BBVA of the Gran Via, deposit these euros. The NewHorizon photographed the surface of Pluto. TO Victory would not like to travel to Moon?
Phobos it’s a moon of Mars.
Maite he wrote to Carolinawhich is in Bay. It’s in Meridathat of Venezuelanot the one of Mexico either Spain. My old TV is a Westinghouse. Take a walk spiky before it rains.
Suzanne will buy the remedy in pharmacy. his old blackberry it was downloaded before I got home. bet everything on Gunboat IIII like that horse. he waters Yolanda every day, and cleans its leaves.
Santa’s helper is the pet of Bart Simpson. in the night of San Juan there are drums in Windward.
Elena wants to see you in Rivadavia Park. The coronavirus gave a break to the Land. TO German gave Covid-19.
Manuel will be in Scotland this weekend.
Teresa wants to collaborate with UNICEF. The sailors implored Poseidon for his salvation. When you get to land, ask for Rosana.
sony he thought he had triumphed with the betamax. puppies are black boy, The prince and Sleepyhead.
Ramirez is shopping at Mercadona.
Emily ask for Sultana, his cat. He curiosity He has already been exploring for three thousand days Mars. see you with frames in the July 9th.
mariana wants a rabbit like Orion. I buy rita by Market Free. Suppose we could travel to Alpha centauri.
United Kingdom is no longer in the European Union. The OAS wants to intercede in Venezuela and Nicaragua. I will see Marcia in it Flora’s Cafe. The captain’s ship kirk was the business. the horse of Alexander it was called Bucephalus. In Paris we will stay in the majestic.
Louise he devoured the Ulises of Joyce in a few days. we will go to Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.
Raul don’t forget your life Guiana. He Anthropology National Museum is managed by the INAH.
Mercury, Venusthe Land and Mars They are inner planets.
Wilma does not want to talk to Frederick.
Rex he went crazy with happiness every time he arrived Martin.

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