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Posters: concept, characteristics, types, parts, examples

We explain what the posters are, their characteristics, types, parts and we give several examples.

What are the posters?

The posters They are posters that are used to communicate or inform about a certain event, almost always of an advertising or propaganda nature. In other words, these are sheet formats through which messages are transmitted in order to capture the public’s attention in relation to a product or service.

In general, the posters are made with designs based on images and informative texts that are then printed for later publication in visible places and traveled by people.

The aforementioned is associated with the etymological origin of the word, which comes from French poster and that at the same time it was born from the Latin affictumwhich means “stuck”.

For the posters to be striking and manage to persuade the public, it is necessary that they contain graphics or drawings related to the message that is to be transmitted. It is also usual to use a slogan or attractive phrase that includes the main information. Another important feature of this communication material is its size, since it must stand out to be seen.

Poster Features

The posters are characterized mainly by:


As described at the beginning of this work, posters are a means of communication used to publicize information. So in order to capture the attention of the public, your design must be striking in terms of text, images, size and colors.


The informative content of the posters should be brief and precise, in order for the message to be direct and convincing. To achieve this purpose, phrases or slogans are used that remain engraved in the thoughts of people.

main idea

In every poster it is relevant that the main idea stands out among the other elements that make it up, in this way the message reaches the public more quickly. It is strategically placed in a visible place, a legible font is used and at the same time attractive due to its design and color. This idea can be accompanied by a slogan.

Additional Information

The additional information in a poster refers to the data and characteristics of the product, service or event that is the object of advertising. All these aspects can be located within the space according to their relevance. The important thing is that the public knows the most important features and thus can make a consumer decision.


The advertising or propaganda content of the posters is usually accompanied by a slogan. This is the phrase that attracts attention for its brevity, conciseness and precision. This type of message exposes the most interesting advantages, benefits or characteristics of the product or service.


The images are essential to complement the information contained in the posters, since through them the attention of the public is attracted. The design, colors, size and shapes of the images must be striking so that they last in the mind of those who observe them.


Once the posters meet the aforementioned characteristics, we proceed to their strategic location. This refers to placing or pasting them in visible spaces with a high number of people, in this way the message has a greater reach.

Poster Types

The posters can be of different types. The following classifications are the most common:

political posters

The main purpose of this variety of posters is to strengthen or modify the political thought of people with the intention of making them lean towards a certain ideology. Its use is very common in electoral times and political campaigns by virtue of the fact that they serve to popularize candidates or parties.

sports posters

Sports posters are intended to promote any type of activity related to the world of sports. These posters can provide information associated with an event, game, competition or also communicate advertising messages about a brand of clothing, shoes or sporting goods.

social posters

The main characteristic of social posters is their orientation towards issues that are of importance to communities or societies. Therefore, its content is usually informative and preventive, almost always carried out with the purpose of publicizing a disease and its causes, types of addictions or some type of contagion through sexual contact.

didactic posters

This type of poster has the objective of teaching or transmitting an educational message on a certain topic. Its design must be structured in such a way that the content is easy to understand and thus can be assimilated in its entirety by the public that perceives it.

ecological posters

Ecological posters are those that fulfill the function of informing about the environment and provide tools for its conservation. The main objective is to raise awareness for the maintenance and care of all the elements that make up nature.

Advertising posters

Advertising posters are those that publicize a product or service with the intention that the public knows about it and then consumes it. This variety of posters is one of the most common and what it pursues is to increase sales and economic gains through purchases.

Parts of the poster

The poster consists of the following parts:


The title is the part that heads the information contained in the poster. It is linked to the service or product that is part of the advertisement, therefore it must be attractive and eye-catching.


This part simply and accurately describes or explains the product information.

additional text

This type of information serves to complement the main description of the product or service being advertised.


The slogan is a short phrase that reinforces the main features and benefits of the product or service. It must be striking, compelling and precise.


This part of the poster represents the company or sponsor of the event, product or service.


The image of a poster is represented by a photograph or drawing that refers to the product, it is used to make the information more attractive, influential and dynamic.

Poster Examples

Military Recruitment Poster (Social Poster)

Mexican poster of a novillada (advertising poster)

poster of the mikado (advertising poster of a theater)

Saltpeter poster made by Camilo Mori

Poster of the Honduran Women Editatona

Dissemination poster of the editathon at Unasam

Poster of the First Inter-American School of Cultural Astronomy

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