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Petition letter: what is it for, example, formats

What is a petition letter?

A petition letter is a communication or official document that is written for administrative matters in order to be sent to some formal authority to make a substantiated request for a certain service or good.

It is generally used between official institutions or government agencies when they make a request before the authority that has the responsibility of attending to this request.

Originally this was a protocol document that was officially valid and was only issued by government agencies, but currently it can be issued by institutions, whether public or private, and private companies.

In general, an institution is required to issue this type of official letter to its hierarchical superiors or inferiors, ruling or asking for something that must be done. However, there is also the one that serves in civil institutions, such as industries, schools, etc.

As it is a formal and ceremonial writing, it is necessary for the writer to be aware of how a job is done so that he can capture it in the best possible way and know its structure.

What is a petition letter used for?

This is an official document that is drawn up in order to formalize a communication, a request or a specific resolution to a specific institution, which can be public or private, a State entity or an educational institution, a company or a person. , etc.

It is a protocol act as such that shows formality, professionalism, seriousness and other qualities of the person who executes it, the government that publishes it or the institution that issues it.

Every petition letter has an express intention. It may have the intention of addressing an authority to make an important request, it may also contain a request or a requirement to a company.

It is likely that it is also done to request a consideration or reconsideration, as well as an explanation of reasons, etc.

Official document

It must be taken into account to be able to carry out a petition that this is a completely official document, and that it is sent to a certain authority to be able to request some good or even some specific service.

This request or request for something is regularly addressed to an institution, company offices, a State body or entity, etc., unlike common request letters, which have a more extensive spectrum of addresses, and may be a requirement of whatever.

How to write a petition letter? Needed information

To carry out a petition letter, it must be known that its structure is somewhat different from that shown in a common letter. This is because certain elements that distinguish it from a letter are taken into account, for which it is necessary to carefully review so that everything can be perfect:

Place and date of issue

These two elements are placed at the top right of the document, in the same way as for any other letter.

key of the trade

There are certain elements that must be written down in the upper left part, the key of the trade being the first one, because this is an official document and therefore it must have this series to easily identify it.

Data to whom it is addressed

Then you must move on to place the data of the recipient to whom it will be sent. For this, the full name, the name of the institution or position that represents the person to whom the official letter is addressed must be noted.


Then you must continue with the matter, indicating very briefly what the request of the official letter that is being sent refers to.

In the event that this petition document is the second or third part of a series of previous official documents, then the references must be included, indicating them as «Reference» and writing the previous numbers. In this way, whoever reads it will know where this profession comes from.


After all the elements that will serve to give the petition the appropriate formality, everything that is needed will be exposed in the body of the document, starting with a brief introduction and continuing with the main message.

It is very important to close this body with a cordial farewell and indicating that a response is expected, if requested. Finally, the signature, name and position of the editor.

Example of petition letter

Mérida, Yucatán as of January 4, 2021.

Official letter: OSMZ/ 07635422/002.

Teacher Jenny del Carmen Villalba Rosales.

Yucatan Secretary of Education.

Undersecretary of Education.

Subject: Substitute teacher request to cover disability.

Reference: OSMZ/07635422/001.

As I informed you in official letter 07635422/001, whose subject was «Incapacity as a teacher», Lic. Mariana Astudillo Figueras, head of the fifth grade group of the following institution: Escuela Federal Primaria 25 «Lázaro Cárdenas», of Yucatan, you must interrupt your work due to your early maternity, which will begin on January 8 of the current year.

For this reason, I inform you of my request for the sending of a substitute teacher who will begin her occupations from January 11 and will last until June 26 of this year, since the teacher Mariana Astudillo will return to their current academic functions as of June 27.

In the event that there is a different date, I will let you know in advance that will not be less than 14 (fourteen) days, so that in this way the corresponding measures can be taken.

In the same way, I request that the person who has been assigned for this task, attend the campus from January 11 so that in this way they can deliver their occupations and know adequately what the group dynamics is like so that they can continue. with the tasks of the 2020-2021 school year.

Without further ado, thank you in advance for your attention to this office, remaining on my part awaiting your affable response. Receive a cordial greeting.



Lic. Mariel Páez Roca

Director of the Federal Elementary School 25 «Lázaro Cárdenas»

CCP: Lic. Mariana Astudillo Figueras, holder of the fifth grade.

Formats to download


Below is a model of the corresponding petition for general use:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

For school

Below is a model of the corresponding petition letter for a school:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

for town hall

Below is a model of the corresponding petition for the city council:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

for social service

Below is a model of the corresponding petition for social service:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

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