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Patronal letter: what it is for, how to do it, models

What is an employer letter?

The employer letter It is a formal document issued by a company, which is generally requested of any worker by credit institutions to record their employment situation, in addition to the relationship they maintain with a certain employer or employer, taking from there the name that has.

It is a very short and concise letter whose main characteristic is that it must be written by an employer, boss or labor authority, which gives it veracity and value.

The employer’s letter includes the data pertinent to the job position, with the purpose of providing proof of employment for later use where requested, be it a credit institution, a bank, and even in some countries as a requirement to be able to transfer the border.

This letter is a lot like an employment certificate, in which you include the situation in regards to the company you work for. The main difference is that the employer’s letter turns out to be somewhat more specific in relation to the data it presents.

What is an employer letter for?

It is generally used as a work proof to carry out many official procedures. For example, when the bank requires specific data on a person’s employment. It is also usually used when a worker requests a loan from Infonavit or as a requirement for the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Credit or personal loan

Requiring a personal credit with a financial or banking institution commonly represents a process for which one is not always prepared: the filling of forms, the documentation and, above all, the waiting time involved while the request is approved or rejected.

In certain places an employer letter is required to verify income. This document is formally issued by the labor authority or company where you work.

The employer’s letter guarantees that the person to whom it was issued is part of the company, as well as other relevant data, such as salary, seniority, benefits or discounts.

Therefore, this letter indicates all the information required so that the entity to which the credit is requested has certainty about the person concerned.

If you are considering requesting an employer letter to verify income, it must be taken into account that it has at least the following elements: date and place in which it is issued, data that identifies the employer or company, such as its telephone number, address, logo , etc.

In addition, it must contain all the worker’s data, such as salary, position, hours, vacations, discounts, benefits, seniority, etc., along with the signature and seal.

How to make an employer letter

This document is commonly written in formal language and should include the essential elements of any letter, such as the place and date of writing, an addressee, a salutation and introduction, as well as a body, closing, and signature.

As it is a formal document, its elements should be placed in the same way that other formal letters are composed.

Items to include

It begins in the upper right corner with the date and place where the document is issued.

As in general it is not known who the institution or person who will receive the letter is, the initial greeting or introduction does not have to be personalized. It is enough to use this courtesy formula: “To whom it may concern”, which can be used for any kind of occasion.

Begin the body of the text by indicating the information of the company, such as company name, address and employer registration number. It is indicated through its representative of Human Resources, indicating the name of the director or manager of the area that: «it is stated that the worker».

Next, all the worker’s data is listed: full name, date of entry, position in the company, total monthly salary, alimony discount, if applicable.

Finally, it is concluded by stating that all the data for the date of issuance of the letter are true. This must be signed by the person who issued it.

Important points

It is not possible for the employer’s letter to be prepared by the worker himself, since this must always be carried out by the Human Resources department of a company, because otherwise, it will have no value.

It is important that this document, in addition to being signed, is also sealed so that it can have the officially required validity. Since it is a formal document, it does not need to be more than one page long.

The information that refers to the employment situation will largely depend on the procedure to be requested. If the employer’s letter is requested to formalize a credit, the data that appears regarding salary, double pay, tax withholdings, contract stability and premiums will be more important.

Employer letter templates


An employer letter must be issued by a company, being requested by the interested worker for certain reasons. The most desirable thing is that the letter be prepared on a company letterhead and contain the corresponding seal and signature.

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

For the IMSS

It is used to carry out any kind of procedure before the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). For example, this model is for maternity leave.

In this case, the objective is to verify that the worker works in the company, as well as provide the corresponding pregnancy data: probable date of delivery, degree of pregnancy risk and name of the gynecologist who is attending, to access the Security benefit. Social.

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

For Infonavit

If a mortgage loan is requested from Infonavit (Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers), it is necessary to show an employer’s letter detailing the data of the interested employee and the company.

The most important thing that this letter must contain are the income and deductions that the worker has, since in this way Infonavit can know his credit capacity and according to that it will grant a mortgage loan.

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

for payroll

In this case, the data that corroborate the existing relationship of the worker with the company must be indicated, in addition to a reference from the company about the worker and attaching the proof of payroll income.

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

for loan

Not all banks ask for this requirement. The document includes information about the worker’s relationship with the company where he works:

The personal data of the worker.
Position in the company.
Biweekly or monthly salary
Time that has been working in the company, normally putting the date of entry.
If there is any discount made via payroll, such as alimony payment, Infonavit payment, loan from the company itself or from another bank.

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.


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