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Originality: meaning, synonyms, antonyms, examples

The originality it is an attribute or quality that is given to a creation that was not copied or imitated. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), originality is associated with something that is novel and that can be used to make similar replicas.

Originality is closely related to artistic creations, whether they are paintings, sculptures, movies or songs. However, its meaning changes according to the context. For example, in the cinema it refers to the original language in which a film was filmed and from there the translations are given.

Originality is also associated with the personality of the creator, since in the created work there is much of the essence of the person who produced it.


Meaning and origin

Originality is the quality that is related to the new, the innovative. Generally, this concept is associated with the arts.


The term originality comes from Latin and is made up of the root originwhich translates as beginning, by the suffix aliswhich becomes “relative to” and dadwhich means quality.

Originality and intellectual property

It is almost impossible for two people to conceive the same idea in the same way, but to avoid problems with the originality of something, it was necessary to create a legal figure. The role of laws is to protect intellectual property, that is, the creativity of an invention.

From the above arose copyright or better known as «copyright» in order to guarantee the original creation and avoid plagiarism. On the other hand, in the field of laws, originality is subject to evaluations to demonstrate how new and useful what has been created is.


Now, to recap, originality is an idea or behavior that is born without having a model, but rather from the person’s imagination and creativity. Some of the more common synonyms for this term are:

– Singularity.

– Particularity.

– Personality.

– Creation.

– Innovation.

– Novelty.

– Rarity.

– Genius.

– Extravagance.


Some of the best known antonyms for the term originality are:

– Normal.

– Vulgarity.

– Ordinariness.

– Simplicity.

– Trivia.

Characteristics of the originality of a work

– The originality of a work stands out for the following characteristics:

– The work is the first to be created or made, later it is safeguarded and some copies are reproduced using it as a model.

– It stands out for being novel and unique, devoid of any resemblance to others.

– It is authentic from the moment of its conception.

– It is unpublished and totally new, which means that there is no other like it and it has not been falsified.

Famous phrases about originality

– “Originality does not consist in saying new things, but in saying them as if they had never been said by another”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

– “All writers who have what we call originality corrupt the taste of the public, unless they know for themselves that they should not be imitated”. Joseph Joubert.

– “Every production of some value has its own originality, it is a conception born in the spirit of the author, not a mere copy of any model”. John Stuart Mill.

– “Originality is the only thing whose usefulness cannot be understood by vulgar spirits”. John Stuart Mill.

– “When you are young, you create. When you are smart, it occurs. It does not adapt, it innovates: mediocrity copies, originality dares”. Jose Marti.


– The originality of the painter led him to win first place.

– The cathedral stands out for the originality and abstract shapes of its façade.

– Picasso’s originality made him one of the most important painters.

– The boy took pains to make his sculpture stand out for its originality.

– Manuel’s essay stood out for its originality and freedom of thought.

– Thanks to his originality, Pedro was able to win the writing contest.

– Men who appreciate originality know the treasure that is in it.


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