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Organizational Chart of a Restaurant and its Functions

He organizational chart of a restaurant It shows each of the employees that make up the restaurant team, along with the owners or managers. The organization chart helps improve communication and provides a useful way to see who does what.

As can be demonstrated in the organization charts, it can be seen that both the general manager and the accountant report to the owner. The general manager must be competent in all seasons.

General managers are in charge of many elements of the establishment, such as restaurant performance, financial planning, and customer service.

In a restaurant there are usually two assistant managers or assistant managers and a chef to follow the orders of the general manager and help the establishment run smoothly.

One of these people is in charge of managing the servers, hosts, and helpers; the other is in charge of bartenders and assistant bartenders.

The restaurant owners will always be at the top of the organizational chart.

Example of a restaurant organization chart


The owner of a restaurant is the individual who owns and oversees the operation of the establishment.

The owner’s initial tasks will be to obtain a license and insurance; as well as order all the restaurant supplies. However, daily tasks are variable.

The owner is generally responsible for hiring and firing employees. Likewise, the rules for employees and for customers are usually imposed by the owner as well.


Their tasks will depend on the size of the restaurant. Some responsibilities may be delegated to assistant managers or some other team members.

The manager position involves a large number of tasks and obligations; in a restaurant, managers can work more than 60 hours a week.

For customers and suppliers, the manager is essentially the face of the business. All complaints related to food quality, customer service, or maintenance are usually directed to this person.

Service and food providers work directly with the manager to receive orders, products and services. The manager usually takes inventories of supplies and calculates orders.

Additionally, the manager must also be able to perform any work for an absent or non-existent employee. Managers are usually promoted employees, as they are familiar with the entire kitchen and restaurant operation.

There are several divisions in the management area. The most common are:

Service Manager: They are generally in charge of supervising everything that happens in front of the restaurant. They are usually in charge of working with team members such as waiters, bartenders, and hosts.
Chef: This individual usually works with the team members involved in food preparation; sometimes they also work with the handyman. He fulfills almost the same functions of a service manager.

assistant manager

In many opportunities they can hire or fire employees; they may also be involved in their training and may supervise their work.

An assistant manager may also be responsible for employee reviews, scheduling work, and acting as a liaison between employees and higher level management or owners.

beverage manager

He is in charge of the entire bar. She usually also trains bartenders in restaurant policies such as preferred handling of money and the bar in general.

They are in charge of controlling, counting, and purchasing inventory; together with the bartender reviews the inventory of bar products.

This individual is usually in charge of taking the orders, so he is in constant connection with the representatives of the beverage companies.

head bartender

The head bartender is in charge of the entire general bar area and reports to the beverage manager. They are also usually required to create drink specials to attract customers, order inventory, and manage the other bar staff.

dining room manager

Supervises the dining area; all the maintenance, cleaning, security, and organization of the same. He is in charge of all the dining room staff as well as their training.

This individual must coordinate the service of food between the kitchen and the members of the dining room. Reports to the assistant manager or service manager.

Their duties include supervising the activities of all dining room staff, maintaining a good working environment, hiring dining room staff, explaining new recipes to staff, ordering food supplies, and training servers on how to present food, among other.


They are in charge of greeting customers, taking them to their table, providing cutlery and delivering the menu. They monitor table turnover and make sure each team member is serving a particular number of tables; They give the tables to the waiters.

waiters or waiters

They are in charge of setting up the tables and utensils, making sure the condiments are stocked and all the prep tasks. They must be up to date with the menu, specials, and menu deviations.

They also suggest dishes, assist in drink selection, and inform customers about food preparation.

Executive chef

He makes sure of the quality of the dishes; their responsibility is that the dishes are served on time and that they note any problems that need to be rectified. In conclusion, the executive chef is responsible for approving all plates of food that leave his kitchen.

When the restaurant has no customers, the executive chef must modify and create new dishes for his menu. He also has administrative duties like ordering supplies and reporting to the head of the establishment.

assistant chef

Assistant chefs usually cook most of the dishes. They prepare from the main dishes to the salads; depending on the size of the kitchen, an assistant may work a single station or may be responsible for all the dishes that are needed.

line cook

They are responsible for preparing the ingredients and arranging the dishes according to the restaurant’s recipes and specifications.


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