8 junio, 2024

Nerfed: what is it, meaning, synonyms, examples of use

What is nerfed?

nerfed, in the world of video games, refers to the fact that an element or character has diminished its possibilities within the game, to which it is limited. «Nerfing» means to reduce the attractiveness or abilities of a character, setting or item, such as a weapon, for example.

It is an update or modification that the game developers carry out, according to the statistics or the feedback they get from the players. In this way, the game is sought to be more balanced, and the nerfed element or character does not exceed the others excessively.

The first appearance of «nerf» as a gaming term was in the game Ultima Online. It is the opposite of «buffing», which is equivalent to increasing the power of the element. These are terms that, along with others, are widely used in the world of video games, especially in MMORPG-type games.

These are online multiplayer role-playing games, which receive constant updates in which it is common for the classes of some characters to be nerfed, such as paladins, priests, druids, warlocks, etc.

Meaning of nerfed

A video game character is said to be «nerfed» when the developers adjust it to lower their abilities and powers, in order to balance out the gameplay experience.

Nerfing often happens if your character is «broken,» another gaming slang term meaning you’re too powerful, and therefore unrivaled. A player with a «broken» character becomes invincible, unbalancing the game.

Other times it is not a character with great powers, but some element that is very easy to obtain. In such a case, the developers also find it necessary to «nerf» it.

Of course, in a game there should always be items that are better than others, or easier to get, but the idea is that, in global terms, the game is more or less balanced.

Synonyms of nerfed

The term «nerf» lacks an equivalent in Spanish. Actually, the word derives from a brand of toys called NERF, guns and weapons made of plastic and foam rubber so as not to cause damage.

In Spanish, it could be said that «nerfing» a character means weakening or making it worse.

Examples of nerf

Video games are not static, and that is why developers spend a lot of time modifying and improving them. Therefore, they tend to nerf items frequently, even if it results in player protests.

It should be noted that many virtual items are bought and sold between players, so an unexpected nerf introduces changes in this economy.

Sometimes a character is so nerfed that the player must abandon it and play another, while waiting for the possibility of it being «buffed» again.

FIFA series

In the EA (Electronic Arts) FIFA video game saga, adjustments are made to nerf tactics, filigree and make the possibilities of each player more real, subtracting speed or power, as necessary.

League of Legends

Periodically, the developers release patches that limit the power and modify the playstyle of some champions.

Super Smash Bros.

Some of his characters changed to have less effective moves, as well as decrease the duration of their attacks.

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