7 junio, 2024

Modified Games: Definition and 20 Examples

What are modded games?

The modded games They are those in which the rules and the way of playing are changed to make them more fun, to teach new skills or simply as a way of applying creativity. For example, soccer tennis is a modified game, since tennis is played without rackets and with a soccer ball.

The idea with modded games is to highlight the games as such, creating better participation among those involved regardless of their abilities, while promoting gender equality.

These games are generally used in schools and in group strengthening activities. Although emphasis is placed on the tactical rules of the game, technical factors tend to be less important.

Modded games are generally governed by an initial set of rules, but as the game progresses different changes can be made depending on the bigger picture.

These changes can be made, as long as the essence of the standard sport remains the same. Since they are modified, these kinds of games are not part of a formal sports institution. Likewise, there is no formalization of the modified games either.

Examples of modified games

1- Paintball

In this game, players must use «guns» that are shot by compressed air. These devices shoot small balls that are filled with paint on the inside. The idea is that the participants shoot the paintballs at each other.

The game progresses as players are eliminated. The player who is hit with a paintball must leave (sometimes a number of hits are allowed before having to leave the contest). This game can be played individually or by teams.

2- Cops and robbers

The idea of ​​this game is to create two teams: the cops and the robbers. The team of robbers must hide and the team of policemen must find them. The dynamic is that the thieves must leave clues so that the police can locate them.

When a policeman finds a thief, they must be taken to «jail», a place marked on the game site as such (sometimes a square is drawn on the floor with chalk for caught thieves to stay there).

In this designated jail area, some other thief may attempt to rescue another «inmate»; The point is that there should always be a policeman watching in jail to make it difficult for thieves to rescue.

The game ends when all the thieves are in jail.

3- Families of animals

This activity begins by handing out pieces of paper with pictures of an animal on them or with the name of an animal written on each piece. The idea is to choose a group of animals that can be repeated among people.

When everyone has a piece of paper, the facilitator can signal for each person to read which animal they got.

Next, each participant will begin to imitate the animal that they got and they must group up with their peers.

4- Bridge formation

This game is designed to last 10-15 minutes. First a circle must be formed and inside it a hole must be established. In this activity no one can speak, all communication must occur with gestures.

The main rule is that you cannot step inside the circle; people must wear clothes and organize themselves to form a bridge within in the established time.

5- Floorball

This activity must be carried out on a covered track. Two teams need to be created. Generally, each group is made up of five people who move around the field and a goalkeeper.

The idea of ​​this game is to place the ball made of plastic in the goal of the opposing team through a light stick.

6- Throw the rope

Two teams are created. The idea is that a group manages to pull the rope to their side (marked by a line on the floor). This is possible by ordering commands like “grab, pull, and pull”.

The team that manages to pull the rope twice to their side wins.

7- Blind football

First, the contestants must be divided into two teams, each made up of 8 or 12 people. This game is played in pairs; an individual must cover his eyes with a piece of cloth and must hold hands with his partner.

The idea of ​​the game is to participate in a soccer game, only the ball is made of cloth. Goals scored can only be counted by a player who is blindfolded.

8- To first base

Two teams must be created, each of three to eight players. A team must be placed inside a rectangle that is drawn on the floor. On the other hand, the opposing team must be placed outside the area and at the ends.

In this activity, a pitcher must throw a ball toward a batter, who must then hit the ball downfield.

The attacking players must then do their best to reach the opposite end of the field before the defending players can return the ball to the pitcher. If they do, a point would be scored for that team.

9- Four corners

In this game, a participant must be placed in each corner, and a fifth player must remain outside.

This individual must ask one of the other players: what can be rented?; the other should say: “go to another place because this one is busy”. When he says that, the other participants must switch places quickly.

If the remaining player is left occupying an empty space, they must stay there and the player without a corner must withdraw from the game.

10- Blind man’s chicken

Begin by forming a group with the participants.all holding hands, except for one individual, who must be blindfolded.

This player will be placed in the middle of the group and the players must ask him: «what have you lost?», he will answer: «a needle», to which the group will shout: «go around three times and you will find it».

The participant must turn three times on its axis and try to get closer to the group, who must move without letting go. When the blindfolded participant grabs someone, they must assume the role of the blindfolded player.

11- Stand up

In this activity, a group of people must sit on the floor. Immediately afterwards, they must join arm to arm to try to get up from the ground. The trick is that they must do this by facing in the opposite direction.

12- Count numbers

It is a game without teams. The idea is that all participants try to count to 20 without two players saying the same number twice.

13- Sack race

Each participant gets into a sack that must hide their legs. Next, the players will proceed to do a jumping race until they reach a set goal. The one who arrives faster wins.

14- Sardine that jumps

One player must stand with his back to a wall, another towards it to support his head on his waist. The first player covers his eyes. A third participant jumps on the «horse» and he has to guess who has made the jump.

If your answer is wrong, players must keep jumping until you guess.

15- Modified basketball

It is played like basketball, but each team must make five passes before scoring a point.

16- The queen

It is a variant of football when there are only a few players to practice it. The normal thing is that between 3 and 5 players are played and the arrangement is: a goalkeeper and the rest try to score a goal. Whoever remains unmarked becomes the goalkeeper in the next round.

17- 21

Basketball minigame in which you only need two players (although it can be more) and a basket. It consists of reaching 21 points, giving one point if you score inside the area and two if you score from the three-shot line. The peculiarity is that when you are going to shoot for the basket you should not move from the shooting line.

18- Puzzle in pairs

Four players are needed (or more as long as the number is even) and two puzzles. All the pieces of the two puzzles are disassembled and mixed. Two groups are formed and each one chooses one of the puzzles. The first group to complete their puzzle wins.

19- Penalty of 2 and 1 points

You need a goal and a ball. The objective will be to hit the goalposts (two points) or score a goal (one point). A shooting distance is established, which can be with the hands or with the feet, and the one with the highest number of points wins.

20- Countdown

Two groups of players are formed regardless of the number. Within a limited field they have to pass (with their hands or feet) a ball while a timer controlled by an external player starts a countdown.

The one who has possession of the ball when the timer resets to zero wins. The peculiarity is that only the one who handles the stopwatch is the one who knows at what exact moment of time it is.

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