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Minutes: what it is, types, how to do it, example, format

We explain what a minute is, types, how to make one, we give an example and formats to download

What is a minute?

The bill It is a trade, contract or any other document that precedes another, which will be the official one, and must be subsequently perfected with all the formalities of the case. The final document, which could be called the definitive version, must incorporate additional information and comply with certain parameters.

Therefore, it should be noted that the draft is a draft that contains fundamental information, which must be confirmed by the negotiating parties. For example, it must be verified that the signatories agree with all the stipulated clauses.

It could be that there are certain discrepancies with some of the points of the agreement, for which it must be modified. Similarly, it could be that the final version of the document adds more information or changes some details in the wording.

In broader terms, another meaning of minutes is the draft of an exhibition, official letter, order or other kind of document that must later be copied in fairness. In general, a minute can be any note you have about something, to keep it current.

Minute types

Meeting minutes

It refers to the summary of the content of a meeting, from the attendees, its development, to the final conclusions. Records the issues that were discussed and the commitments made.

They are the notes that someone takes to record in a document all the issues that were discussed during the meeting, as well as the decisions that were generated in it. In addition, it serves to notify people that they must be informed, even if their participation has not been requested.

Since in the same company its format should not change from one meeting to another, it is advisable to make a template that is worth as a model, providing all the data that you want to record, so that it can be used on any occasion.

company minute

It is a document drawn up by a lawyer, which contains the act of incorporation of a company, with the description and data of the economic activity that said company will carry out. It must be presented before a notary to be raised before a public deed.

This minute must also include the contribution of each partner, the commercial address of the business and the date of its operational start.

Its format will vary according to the type of company that will be constituted: closed corporation, open corporation, sole proprietorship or limited liability company.

Contract minute

In the legal field, this is a draft that is written on a later legal document, for which it has no value. It is used only to indicate the fundamental issues that will make up a contract, but without developing them.

It is carried out to review the issues together with the parties involved, before formally writing the final legal contract.

Lawyers Minute

In the case of lawyers and other types of independent professionals, it refers to the document that contains the details of their fees.

How to make a minute?


meeting data

Such as the place, date, start and end time, the attendees that are required, as well as who is the person who moderated or directed the meeting and the name of the person who writes the minutes. Also, the type of meeting: brainstorming, board of directors, etc.

agenda of the day

It refers to the central issues that must be discussed and for which the corresponding meeting was convened.


Both the issues that were discussed and those that could not be discussed are indicated, even though they have been scheduled, and why they were not discussed (absence of someone, lack of time, etc.). You can add the agreements that were reached and how they were achieved: by debate, vote, consensus, etc.

Actions to take

You must put what are the actions, time needed and responsible to complete an activity.

attendance signatures

Each meeting participant must sign the document to record their attendance.

Crafting Tips

The minutes must be specific, specifying everything that could cause confusion; it must be objective, eliminating everything that could affect the definition of the meeting, and it must be concise, being as brief and punctual as possible.

Although there is no format as such for this type of document, it is advisable to be able to create one so as not to exclude any element that is considered necessary.

As the meetings can be long and have several participants, they could be recorded, but always with prior permission. If the attendees present documents during the meeting, it is advisable to attach copies of them to the minutes.

Minute example

Internal statute of the school «Libre economía SC»

Third extraordinary meeting of the teachers’ committee on the internal statute of the school.

Date: May 14, 2021.

Venue: Conference room

Attending people:

– Prof. Eulalia Ramírez López.

– CP Eduardo Fuentes Contreras.

– Lic. Eladio Muñoz Lara.

– Dr. Armando Lara Flores.

– Prof. Eugenia Ramos Gomez.


Presentation of the minutes on the statute for the school «Libre economía SC», which must be approved by two thirds of the professors mentioned.

All the articles of the mentioned statute have been read and the controversies in the following articles stand out:

Article 2: This statute will be applied to all new students and teachers.

Quotation proposed by Dr. Armando Lara Flores and Lic. Eladio Muñoz Lara:

They show their disagreement claiming that it should be applied to all students, since students who previously entered will be at a disadvantage due to the benefits that new students will receive.

Article 28: Quotas will be applied at the discretion of each case, in the most convenient way.

Quotation proposed by Prof. Eulalia Ramírez López and Dr. Armando Lara Flores:

They show their disagreement by considering that the money obtained in this way should be administered by a commission, which must display the movements made.

All the observations and movements will be discussed, rejected or approved, in the next assembly that will be held next Thursday the 20th of this month and year in the final meeting.

All attendees sign this minute:

_______________________ ___________________________

Prof. Eulalia Ramírez López CP Eduardo Fuentes Contreras

_____________________ _____________________

Lic. Eladio Muñoz Lara Dr. Armando Lara Flores


Prof. Eugenia Ramos Gomez

Minute formats to download


The format that can be used to make a general minute is presented below:

Download in Word

Download in PDF

Meeting minutes

Below is the format that can be used to make a meeting minute:

Download in Word

Download in PDF

work minute

The following is the format that can be used to make a work report:

Download in Word

Download in PDF

Minutes of agreements

The format that can be used to make a minute of agreements is presented below:

Download in Word

Download in PDF

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