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Minion: what it is, characteristics, how much they measure, languages, names

We teach you what a minion is, its characteristics, how tall they are, their names, the language and more.

What is a minion?

A minion is a cartoon character from the movie «Gru: Despicable Me». They are small, yellow beings with a round shape and large eyes. They usually work for the evil Gru as his assistants. They are so much fun and have a unique personality that kids and adults alike love.

They were created by filmmakers Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. The film was released in 2010 and had great success around the world, becoming one of the most successful animated films in history. Since then, the minions have become very popular and have appeared in various spin-offs and sequels to the original film.

How many movies are there about the minions?

There are currently three movies that tell the story of the minions:

The first one is «Gru: My favorite villain“, released in 2010, which presents the minions as the helpers of Gru, a villain who tries to steal the Moon.
The second film, «Despicable Me 2“, was released in 2013 and tells how Gru becomes the father of three girls and fights against a new villain called El Macho.
The third movie, “Gru: Despicable Me 3“, was released in 2017 and follows the story of Gru and his minions as they fight against a villain named Balthazar Bratt.

Characteristics of the minions

They are cartoon characters that have a round, yellow shape.
They have big expressive eyes that give them a fun and adorable look.
They have only one eyebrow and usually wear blue overalls or shorts and a T-shirt.
They have a unique personality and are very funny.
They speak their own language that is a mixture of several languages.
They are very clumsy and often get into trouble.
They have great loyalty to Gru, their boss, and are willing to do anything for him.

The main minions

The main minions are three: Stuart, Bob and Kevinwho are the leaders of the other minions and the ones who appear the longest on the screen.

Stuart is the leader of the group and is usually the most rebellious and fun-loving.
Bob is the dumbest and clumsiest of the group.
Kevin is the tallest and the one with the most common sense.

All three characters have great personalities and are great fun to watch on screen.

How big is a minion?

A minion measures around 1 meter and a centimeter tallalthough the specific heights of each are not specified in the film.

Since Kevin is the tallest, his height could be 1.30 centimeters.
Stuart is the medium and would have been 1.1 meters, the average height.
Bob is the shortest and would measure around 1 meter or 100 centimeters.

What language do the minions speak?

the minionese It is the own language that the minions speak. It is a mixture of several languages, including English, Spanish, French and German.

Although they can sometimes understand and speak other languages, their own language is a mix of sounds and words that sound fun and adorable. Minionese has become very popular among fans of the film and many people try to imitate the language in their daily lives.

Minionese word list

Hello – beautiful
Apple – Sasana
We can start? – Can wede na?
Ice Cream – Ice Cream
I’m hungry – I want banana
Kiss – Muak Muak Muak
I swear – Ai weeer
Bye Bye
Thank you -Tankyu
For you – For you.
I’m sorry – Bi-do
I swear – Underwear…
One – Hanna
Two – Sweet
Three – Sae

20 minions name list


Main characters of the movies

gru: He is the protagonist of the film and the boss of the minions. He is a villain who tries to steal the Moon, but ends up becoming a father of three girls and a good man.
The minions: They are Gru’s helpers.
Margo, Edith and Agnes: They are the three adoptive daughters of Gru, one of the focal points of the film.
The male: He is the main villain of the second film and one of Gru’s enemies.
Balthazar Bratt: He is the main villain of the third film and a former child actor who seeks revenge against the world.
Lucy Wilde: She is an agent of the anti-villains league and Gru’s romantic partner in the second and third movies.


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