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Miku Nakano: who is she, skills, abilities, personality, appearance

Who is Miku Nakano?

Miku Nakano is one of the main characters of the Japanese animated series Go Toubun no Hanayome. There, she is one of the 5 17-year-old quintuplet sisters who star in the anime, with her being the third child.

This character is usually characterized by having a shy and introverted personality, as well as being a bit insecure in certain situations. However, when you get to know a little more about his way of being, it is observed that she is quite kind and sensitive.

In terms of her physical appearance, Miku is pretty and at first glance draws a lot of attention from others because of her pleasant appearance. She is normally in her school uniform, as she is still a student.

This anime has become quite a popular series not only in Japan, but in other countries as well. It was released to the public in 2019 and is based on the manga of the same name, created in 2017.

Skills and capabilities

in the anime Go Toubun no Hanayome, Miku is the one who stands out the most among her sisters for her great intelligence. She also has great abilities in humanities and social studies, and is an outstanding student of Japanese history.

On the other hand, Miku has the ability to imitate the personality of her four sisters perfectly, making it almost impossible to tell them apart.

Just as Miku has skills for Japanese history and is considered the most intelligent of her sisters, physically she is rather fragile, and among the sisters she is the weakest; she also has difficulties in the kitchen.

Thanks to her obsession with Japanese history, especially the military generals of the Sengoku period, Miku’s personality is strongly influenced by the philosophy of these officers, and she always quotes verses and ideas from these characters when she speaks.


Miku Nakano’s personality is someone quite shy and not very sociable, which is why she is a quiet, silent and reserved girl. She is shown as a somewhat callous, emotionless person. This has generated that others do not even try to relate to her.

For this reason, Miku developed an insecure and pessimistic thought regarding her way of being, abilities and abilities, reaching the point of belittling herself. This has caused her to have a sometimes quite negative way of seeing life.

Due to her introverted personality, it is difficult for Miku to understand how human relationships work and it is difficult for her to form emotional bonds with other people, which means that she has little experience when it comes to romances and relationships.

As Miku has such an insecure personality, it is easy for her to say directly to others the things she believes and thinks, often making this her way of relating to the people around her.

Despite having a somewhat difficult and self-conscious way of being, Miku shows throughout the series that she has a high level of sensitivity for other people, often reaching the point of sacrificing her well-being for that of those around her.

Physical appearance

Regarding Miku’s physical appearance, she is a beautiful 17-year-old girl, with fair skin, medium-length reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, and medium height. Likewise, she is characterized by almost always wearing wireless headphones around her neck.

Regarding the shape of her hair, Miku wears it with strands on the sides of her face and some of them cover part of her face. It is usually seen that her bangs cover one of her eyes, giving her the appearance of a shy person, which is a reflection of her personality.

As already mentioned, this character is a school student, so she is usually seen in her uniform, always wearing her long-sleeved sweater and black stockings that cover her legs.

It could be said that Miku is a girl who cares little about her physical appearance due to her introverted personality. In other words, despite the fact that she is quite pretty, her physical appearance is that of someone self-conscious, so all her beauty is not appreciated.

Other data

The names of Miku’s four sisters are Ichika Nakano and Nino Nakano, who are her older twin sisters, and Yotsuba Nakano and Itsuki Nakano, who are her younger twin sisters.

Both Miku and her sisters have blue eyes. However, the personalities of each of them are very different, but at the same time they complement each other.

Within the series it can be seen that Miku’s favorite drink is Matcha soda, a drink whose base is a widely consumed tea not only in Japan, but in different Asian countries.

The military general of ancient Japan that Miku admires the most is Takeda Shingen, having in fact an image of him as her cell phone wallpaper. Likewise, throughout the series, she quotes some of the ideas and phrases of this Japanese officer.

For many of the fans of the series Go Toubun no HanayomeMiku Nakano is her favorite character, even though she has a fearful and insecure personality, as she shows great kindness and sensitivity towards others as the chapters go by.

On the other hand, her physical appearance is the most striking and cute among her sisters, despite the fact that they are all identical.

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