7 junio, 2024

Loli: what it is, origin, meaning, famous animes

What is loli?

lolis It is a term that arises from Japanese animations or manga that refer to those female characters with an adolescent or childish appearance. These types of figures normally dress as schoolgirls or in youthful clothing.

Lolis often have slender and delicate bodies, they can be short in stature and have very defined body proportions. These physical characteristics evoke even more what is sought with these characters, and that is that they have features of a teenage girl.

Within this characterization, what is wanted is to highlight the figure of Japanese women, taking them to a more youthful context. Achieving in this way that those who are followers of Japanese animation can enjoy these forms of beauty.

Origin and meaning of the term lolis

Because in Japan there are a large number of fans of youthful and adolescent beauty, as well as animations, different animes began to introduce characters with these physical characteristics so that their followers could consume this type of content, thus giving rise to lolis. .

Thanks to the great popularity that these animations that involved lolis were taking, the term became popular and the animes that featured them grew more and more.

But the term itself comes from the famous novel by Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov, lolita, which tells the story of an older man in love with Lolita, a 12-year-old girl who seemed older. By extension, girls with a highly developed appearance for their age began to be called «lolitas».

However, in Japan the term indicates the childish or adolescent appearance, very young. Themed manga involving loli girls in situations with adult content, as well as less explicit content, then emerged.


Lolicon is called for those who like animes that feature girls, or women who appear to be minors. Many people insist that they are not pedophiles, but rather people with a marked paternal tendency towards the figure of these characters. One of the reasons why they don’t accept that they are pedophiles is that many lolis are adult women with the appearance of children.

However, it should be noted that the lolicon can have erotic fantasies or be fetishistic with adolescent girls and minors.

Most famous anime of lolis

Within the anime subgenre that involves lolis, there are countless manga and series. Some of the most recognized are:

Dance in the Vampire Bund

It tells the story of a vampire girl who decides to expose her race to the world and show what she really is like.

Alice to Zouroku

The story centers on Sana Kashimura, a girl who can control her dreams and make them come true.

Niko Yazawa from Love Live! school idol project

This anime focuses on three Japanese idols named Maki, Kotori, and Nozomi, and tells about their life and adventures as celebrities.

Yuudachi from Kantai Collection: KanColle

Its plot centers on Yuudachi, who is a powerful warrior and at the same time very beautiful, who dressed as a schoolgirl must live in a rather violent environment.

Popura de Working!!

This Japanese animated series tells the adventures of Popura, a waitress with a rather striking and youthful physique.

Gabriel Tenma White by Gabriel DropOut

This anime is considered by many to be one of the best in the loli genre and tells the experiences of Gabriel, the protagonist, who is an angel sent to Earth to learn about the human world and to help them live in the best possible way. .

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