8 junio, 2024

List of fruits with the letter Y

In the fruits that start with the letter Y you can find jackfruit or yoyomo, which are not well-known fruits, but have unique characteristics that make them exotic and in demand in different parts of the world.

Just like those mentioned fruits, there are others that begin with the letter Y that have particular properties, flavors, and textures that make them equally desirable and in demand in various countries around the world.

These fruits are part of the great family that make up these foods and that are so beneficial for human health. Thanks to these, people can not only get to know new flavors, but also improve their physical conditions.

List of fruits that start with the letter Y

Below are some fruits with the letter Y. Some are unknown, but highly requested in different regions of the world, thanks to the fact that they are exotic and have great advantages for human health.


Also known as Jaca or Jack, it is native to Southeast Asia. It is considered the largest fruit in the world and has a great contribution of vitamins and minerals, which makes it widely used in that region to treat different human ailments. Its flavor is sweet and exotic, and it can be consumed in different forms and presentations.


This fruit is one of the most exotic in the world and can only be consumed in the Colón region, in Uruguay. Its flavor is very sweet and pleasant to the palate, providing a great deal of vitamin A and C, as well as potassium. Thanks to its sweetness, it is widely used in the preparation of sweets, jams and jellies.


This fruit is native to Mexico and can be seen in some other regions of Central America, where it is consumed because it has a sweet taste, since it provides vitamin A, iron and calcium. Thanks to that sweetness it has, it is also known as Mexican plum.


This fruit is also known as Indian plum and has its origin in Asia. It is a great source of vitamins B1 and B2, as well as phosphorus and iron, which is why in the areas where it is cultivated it is used to treat lung and intestinal conditions.

This fruit can also be found in some regions of Latin America and can be consumed raw or cooked, and even in the form of liquor.


Yuzu is a fairly acidic citrus fruit, widely used in regions of Japan and China, mainly as a complement to some cooking preparations. Additionally, it has a high contribution of vitamins and minerals, helping in effects of the immune system, as well as for stress.


Being native to the Asian continent, it is considered a vegetable in many countries and a fruit in others. Thanks to its sweet taste, it is used to make juices and juices and can also be consumed raw, in syrups or as wine.

On the other hand, yacon is a great source of minerals and vitamins that have benefits for the gastrointestinal, immune, and nervous systems.


It is the fruit of the tree spondias dulcis. The fruit is used to make liqueurs, ice creams and juices.

Fruits that contain Y

– Passion fruit.

– Papaya.

– Guava.

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