7 junio, 2024

List of fruits that start with P

Within fruits with the letter P you can find papaya, pear, pineapple or grapefruit, among others widely consumed worldwide. Likewise, there are many others that are not as popular, but that provide many benefits to the human diet.

There is a great variety of fruits with the letter P, finding within them an infinite number of flavors and textures, ranging from sweet to sour and from soft and juicy to crunchy. It should be noted that all these foods bring health benefits when consumed regularly.

List of fruits that start with P


This is one of the most consumed fruits in tropical regions, an area where it is cultivated – it is native to America, but today it is spread all over the world. The fruit is oval in shape and large in size, having a sweet and mild flavor, with a fleshy and juicy pulp.


This fruit is very refreshing due to its high water content, also having a sweet and delicate flavor. Its texture is firm and crunchy, which is why it is not only consumed naturally, but is also widely used in gastronomy.

It comes from the temperate zones of Europe and Asia, and in China it is associated with longevity because, although its flowers are delicate, it is a tree that resists very harsh droughts.


Pineapple is grown mainly in tropical areas and may be one of the most consumed fruits worldwide. Its flavor is very sweet and it has a great contribution of vitamins C, B2 and B6. It is native to America.


It is one of the varieties of the banana. Plantains are primarily eaten cooked (fried, baked, or boiled). When it is green, slices are prepared, crushed a little and fried, then sprinkling them with salt – what is known in some American countries as tostón. When ripe, it can be baked or fried.

It is native to Asia, and later spread throughout the world, especially in the tropics. It contains a lot of starch and a good supply of potassium.


It is a citrus fruit, from the orange family, which has a slightly sweeter and less acidic flavor. It is used to accompany salads, as well as in the preparation of desserts, jellies and juices. It is one of the most used in diets to lose weight.


Native to the mountains of Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey, the pistachio is a nut of great culinary and nutritional importance. Its flavor is salty and very tasty, which is why it is used for different preparations, ranging from salads to desserts and ice creams.


Also known as pecan, it is a nut that is grown in North America -it is native to the southeast of this country-, where it is very popular for making desserts and candies. Its flavor is a sweet and salty combination and its texture is quite crunchy, like that of nuts.


Avocado is called avocado in the Andean region and in the Southern Cone. This delicious fruit is native to Central America, but it has become widely popular worldwide, being widely consumed in the vast majority of countries. Its flavor is smooth and buttery and it is used for both savory and sweet preparations.

It is widely used by vegans because its texture helps to emulsify various preparations, and because its nutritional value is exceptional.


It is from the papaya family, but it differs from it due to its smaller size and its sweeter flavor. It is used in desserts, jams and jellies, it is also consumed candied in salads or other foods. Sometimes its size is so small that a single serving of it is served.


This fruit originates from China and is similar to a peach, so it has a sweet and pleasant flavor, and its pulp is firm and juicy. It is also consumed for its great contribution in vitamin C and for its antioxidant benefits. In Argentina it is known as Japanese peach and in Spain as Paraguayan.

passion fruit

It is the name given in Venezuela to passion fruit or passion fruit, native to Central and South America. It has a very aromatic sweet and sour taste. It is consumed in various preparations, such as juices, jams, desserts or ice creams.


Raisins are dehydrated grapes, so their flavor is much more concentrated and makes it sweeter. Likewise, its nutritional properties vary, helping to eliminate fat from the body.


The watermelon is called pin in the Colombian Caribbean and in Venezuela, and is native to Africa. The main current producer is China. It is a fruit with a huge water content, which is why it is very popular in summer. Its taste is very sweet.

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