8 junio, 2024

List of fruits that start with H

within the fruits with the letter H you can find figs, huesillo or huaya, which have multiple properties in terms of vitamins and minerals. Likewise, flavors that enrich the daily diet.

Given the above, it is important to consider these foods in our diet, since it is essential to have a balanced diet to maintain good health, with a significant contribution of nutrients and vitamins.

List of fruits that start with H

Below is a list of some of the best-known and most consumed fruits with the letter H worldwide, as well as some characteristics in terms of flavor and nutritional properties.


This fruit that comes from the fig tree has the particularity that it can be cultivated both in tropical and temperate zones. Its flavor is very sweet and its texture smooth, which makes it quite useful in the preparation of sweets and jams. It is believed to be native to western Asia and later spread throughout the Mediterranean.


Also known as habanero pepper, it is one of the five varieties of the genus capsicum, and the spiciest of all. However, it also has medicinal and analgesic properties. It comes from Mesoamerica.

spike fig

Although its name is fig, it has no relationship with this fruit, since it is the fruit of the prickly pear, nopal or prickly pear, grown in arid areas. It is a very refreshing fruit due to its enormous water content, and when ripe the pulp is completely sweet.


Also known as guarango, this fruit comes from the carob tree, an American tree. It is mainly used in the preparation of healthy foods, since its caloric content is quite low. It can be given in drinks or even as flour for desserts.


This fruit is also known as mamoncillo or mamón, and it is produced mainly in tropical areas of central and southern America. Its pulp is soft and meaty and its flavor is sweet and pleasant, although somewhat astringent.


This fruit is the dehydrated variation of peaches, which does not alter its nutritional properties, but it does change its flavor and texture in terms of consumption. Contains high levels of protein and potassium.


Heisteria is considered an exotic fruit, native to Brazil, where it is quite popular, because its properties help improve the digestive system and cure intestinal diseases.


This fruit is cultivated in tropical areas, mainly in Central America, being a fruit similar in size to the peach. Its flavor is smooth and delicate and can be used to make sweets and syrups. It is also known as icaco.

string beans

Beans belong to the Fabaceae family, that is, they are legumes. In other parts they are called beans, green beans or green beans. They are high in protein and should be eaten cooked due to their hard texture.

green figs

Green figs, also called figs, are the first fruits of the fig tree. They appear in spring (figs come out in summer and autumn). They are less sweet than figs, being equally used to make desserts, sweets or jams.


It is also known as genipa americana and is a fruit grown mainly in South America and some regions of Mexico. Its size and shape are similar to that of a berry, with a slightly fibrous pulp and a slightly sweet taste.

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