8 junio, 2024

List of fruits that start with G

The fruits with the letter G They have a wide variety of flavors and textures that complement human nutrition, such as soursop, garambullo, currant, and pomegranate, among others. Additionally, they provide unique minerals and vitamins that only such foods contain.

Within the large amount of food that nature provides, the aforementioned fruits play an important role because they not only have beneficial properties for people, but also because they help their physical and mental health.

List of fruits with G


This fruit is considered an edible plant and is native to Mexico, where it is quite popular. Its flavor is sweet and mild, and it also has medicinal properties.


The goji is a fruit that is consumed mainly in China, where it is cultivated. There, this food is widely used for its medicinal properties, but it can be dangerous if combined with other drugs.


It is one of the sweetest fruits that can be found in nature and is cultivated mainly in tropical areas. It is used in drinks, sweets and desserts.

Passion fruit

This fruit is quite surprising, since its texture is soft and silky, but at the same time crunchy. It has a slightly sweet and mild taste. It is cultivated mainly in tropical regions of Central and South America. Its interior appearance is similar to that of passion fruit or passion fruit, also tropical.


This fruit has its origins in the Amazon jungle and is considered by many to be one of the most exotic fruits in the world, which is why it is in high demand in different parts of the world. Its flavor is sweet and citric at the same time.


Soursop is a fruit that is produced primarily in tropical areas and is quite popular in South America. Its texture is soft and creamy, with a deliciously sweet flavor. You have to eat it when it is ripe, as it could be a bit astringent.


They are fruits similar to berries, which have a sweet and sour taste, which is why they are used mainly to make sweets, jams and jellies. They grow in clusters, and are native to Europe and Asia.


They are popular fruits in Central and South America, where the pulp that covers the seed is regularly eaten raw. It has a very soft and light texture, pleasantly sweet, with a high protein intake.


Like the garambullo, the guamúchil is a very popular fruit in Mexico, where it is consumed for its medicinal properties. It also has a sweet and mild flavor. The fruit comes in a green pod and its pulp can be red, white or pink.


Like the gulupa, guarana is native to the Amazon region, being quite popular and consumed in the Brazilian territory. Its seeds are dried in the sun and ground, and are used in the production of energy drinks thanks to a stimulating substance, similar to caffeine, called guaranine.


This fruit is cultivated mainly in tropical areas, both in America and Europe, although it is native to the American continent. Its flavor is sweet and a little sour, with a soft and creamy texture, with many tiny seeds. The color of its pulp can be an attractive pink, like the one in the image, or whitish. The taste is the same in both colors.


Sometimes called cherries, sour cherries are different, despite belonging to the same family, Rosacea. They are native to the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. Its flavor is much more acidic and for this reason it is preferred for culinary uses. Traditionally, it has been used for its medicinal properties.


The guindón is a dried prune, and consumed as a dry fruit. Its nutritional properties, in this way, are enhanced, and thus are much more beneficial for the body. They are consumed both in sweets and desserts and in traditional savory preparations, such as some European Christmas dishes.


It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, native to America. It is one of the many names given to the pumpkin, squash, etc. It is a large fruit, with a yellow and consistent pulp. Its flavor is somewhat sweet and mild, and it is used to make creams, soups and biscuits.


Being similar to a berry, the bearberry has a sweet and slightly sour taste. It is also used as a medicinal treatment for the bladder and kidneys due to its properties. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North America. It is also known as uva de oso, uva ursi or amagüeta.

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