7 junio, 2024

List of fruits that start with D

The fruits with the letter D They are part of a wide variety of foods present in nature that enrich the human diet, not only because of their exquisite and different flavors, but also because of the vitamins and properties they offer, such as peaches, dates or diospiro, among others. .

Many of the fruits with this letter are considered by many to be exotic, since several of the ones present here are found only in specific regions of the world, which makes them little known or easy to identify.

List of fruits that start with D


Due to its strong smell (similar to rotten onion), it is considered by many to be the worst-smelling fruit in the world. However, in Southeast Asia – where it is from – it is a highly appreciated fruit, which can be eaten raw and is an ingredient in many Asian dishes, green, semi-ripe or fermented.


This fruit is not only sought after and consumed by many for its sweet and delicate flavor, but also for the properties it has. On the other hand, it is widely used to make jams, sweets and jellies. It has other names, such as tacky.


It is another of the names for the apricot. This fruit is very similar to the peach. It has a fairly sweet flavor and its pulp is soft and silky.


Dates are one of the sweetest fruits that can be found in nature, since more than 70% of their content is sugar, which is why they are widely used to make desserts. It is native to the Maghreb countries, in the Middle East, where it is considered a staple food.


This American fruit is similar to an orange, but smaller, which is why it is considered to belong to the citrus family. Due to its acid taste, it is frequently used in the preparation of desserts, drinks and juices.


The dragonfruit is one of the most exotic fruits that exists, not only because of its particularly sweet and refreshing flavor, but also because of its shape, which has spikes on the outside and is bright pink or yellow in color. It is the fruit of a cactus, and it is American.


This curious fruit was developed in Japan to meet the high demand that existed for oranges. However, it was created so that it did not have seeds and its taste was even sweeter. It is a hybrid of tangerine and orange.


The diospiro, also called persimmon, is a fruit with an orange peel, inside which it has a pulp with a sweet flavor and a soft texture. It is cultivated mainly in Asia, in tropical regions.


This fruit is similar to small apples in terms of size and flavor, being a little more acidic. Given this, it is widely used in the preparation of sweets or jams, and it is also combined with other fruits for different preparations. It is native to southern Africa.


It is a fruit mainly cultivated in tropical regions of Asia and has a sweet, sour and slightly spicy flavor. It is also known as sandeel. Its pulp is translucent.


This fruit is also considered quite exotic, since it is only grown on the island of Borneo. To be consumed, you must know how to prepare it, because if it is not done correctly, its flavor will be somewhat unpleasant and its texture somewhat hard. It is also known as Sibu olive.


Like other fruits on this list, dracontomelon is an exotic food that is consumed mainly in Vietnam, Cambodia, and parts of China. Its flavor is between sweet and sour and is usually mixed in drinks or syrups.

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