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List of fruits that start with C

In the fruits with the letter C there is a wide variety of flavors ranging from sweet to sour, such as coconut, cherry, chestnut or apricot. Likewise, they have different textures that make these fruits interesting, complete and healthy foods.

These fruits are part of the foods considered vegetables that are found around the world and that are in turn a fundamental component in the diet of human beings, since they are an important source of vitamins and other nutrients.

List of fruits that start with C

The following list contains some of the different fruits that start with the letter C.


This is one of the most popular fruits in the tropics and can only be grown in those areas. Its flavor is a little sweet and soft and its texture is somewhat hard and crunchy. It is used in various cuisines, especially in confectionery. Its origin is disputed, some say it is from Southeast Asia and others from northwestern South America.


This fruit has an intense sweet flavor and is quite refreshing due to its high water content. Its color is intense orange. It is also called rosewood, and is grown in Japan, China, Spain, and North America. You have to eat it ripe so that the taste is sweet, otherwise it is very astringent.


Cherries are typical of regions with temperate climates, so they are not easily available in some countries. It is a small berry with a fairly sweet and slightly acid flavor.


This fruit is native to some regions of Africa, Asia and Australia, from tropical and subtropical regions. Its flavor is sweet, so it is common to see it in jellies, desserts or jams.


The plum has different varieties and is considered a food rich in vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its sweetness, it is common to see its use in jams, juices or even liqueurs. Its pulp can be red, yellow, white or green, and depending on the variety it will be more or less firm.


It is a dried fruit, since it is how some varieties of plums are dehydrated, thus acquiring flavors and textures different from their original form, much more nutritious.


It is a small fruit with a hard shell. Its flavor is soft and sweet and it is an important source of vegetable protein. It can be found mainly in temperate climate regions, in the northern hemisphere. They are eaten roasted, boiled or raw, and in Spain there are fairs during the harvest season. Flours and many sweets are made.


Known in some parts of the world as peanuts, this fruit is native to South America, having a dry and crunchy texture. It is rich in protein and vitamin E.


Also known as carambolo or star fruit, it is a fruit with an acid flavor and a particular shape, since it looks like a star. It is cultivated in tropical areas of Asia and Oceania, and used in juices or sweets.

Custard apple

This fruit is cultivated in tropical areas and is quite popular in northern countries of South America. Its flavor is sweet and its texture quite soft and silky. It is similar in appearance to the soursop, although they are and taste very different.


This fruit can be easily found in parts of Central America and due to its vitamins and minerals, it is used to relieve abdominal pain. Its pulp is extremely sweet and highly appreciated.


Cardamom is a small, dry fruit, of which only the seeds are used. Its flavor is intense and quite aromatic, which is why its use is more widespread as a spice. It is native to southern India, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Ceylon, but is now cultivated in various tropical regions, including Central America, and in parts of Nepal and Thailand.


The apricot, also known as apricot, apricot or albergero, is a fruit native to China, Syria, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Armenia. It is highly appreciated throughout the world not only for its flavor but also for its nutritional and medicinal properties.


This fruit is Amazonian, and is normally eaten cooked. Its flavor is similar to that of chestnuts or wooden bread, since its texture is earthy. Flours are prepared with it and cakes, breads, etc. are made. It is an important source of protein and minerals. In Brazil it is known as pupuña, and in Venezuela pijiguao.

Passion fruit

Curuba is produced in the Andes mountain range. It looks like a banana on the outside and a passion fruit inside. Its flavor is a combination between sweet and sour, which is why it is also used for juices and sweets.

cherry cherry

It is a variety of cherry, but with a much sweeter and more concentrated flavor. Its size is also somewhat larger. Because of this, they are quite popular when decorating desserts or milkshakes.


The chayote, or chayota, potato of the air, güisquil, chuchu or guatila, is cultivated in tropical zones of South America and Central America. Its flavor is neutral and its texture is rather hard. It is perfect to combine with other vegetables, as its neutrality goes well with stronger flavors. You have to cook it to eat it.

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