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List of fruits and vegetables that start with U

When we try to remember fruits that begin with the vowel «U» it is a problem, because it seems that the only one that comes to mind is the grape, but we are going to learn about variants of this and other options that are less well known.

List of fruits that start with U

cape gooseberry

His scientific name is physalis peruviana. It is also known as uvilla, aguaymanto and ushun. This fruit, because it is shaped like a cocoon, is often called the love fruit. Its color is a beautiful orange. Its size is larger than that of a traditional grape, and its flavor is sweet and sour. It has Vitamin A and B complex, in addition medicinal properties are attributed to it: antidiabetic, healing and antirheumatic.


Its scientific name is Citrus reticulata x paradisi. youAlso known as Jamaican tangelo. It is a very juicy citrus fruit resulting from the combination of tangerine with grapefruit. Its appearance is not very nice, but its taste is. It is more like a tangerine both in its taste and in the easy way to remove its rough skin. Its color is greenish and then turns orange when it is ready to consume. It is rich in vitamin C.


Its scientific name is Vitis vinifera. This fruit is well known for being the raw material to make rich wines, among other drinks. It is an ovoid berry, its color varies according to the species, they can be green, yellow, pink, purple and black. They sprout in clusters, and their flavor is sweet. Grapes are an excellent source of vitamins, mainly vitamin C.


It is the aforementioned grape but after being subjected to a dehydration process. Because the water is extracted from it, its nutrients are concentrated, especially potassium. For this reason it is excellent for people who take diuretics, but it is contraindicated for patients with renal failure. It is also a good source of fiber, which is why it helps to relieve constipation. Its flavor is sweet, very pleasant to the palate.

beach grape

Its scientific name is Coccoloba uvifera. As its common name indicates, it occurs on the coasts of America. It is also known as the coastal grape or beach grape. The fruit occurs in clusters as is typical of grapes. They measure 2 cm in diameter, their color is green and when they mature they turn purple. It has a single seed inside that is also edible, just like its pulp. The pulp is characterized by being fleshy and juicy. It is a sweet and sour fruit for the palate.

Fruits that start with U in English

ububese fruit

ugli fruit

ugni fruit

umbu fruit

Urava fruit

Usuma fruit

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