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List of animals with the letter M

Some of the animals with the letter M In Spanish they are, among many others, the monkey, the mule, the fly, the butterfly, the raccoon, the shrew, the black mamba, the groundhog or the bat.

More exotic animals include the Gila monster, the marabunta, and the macrotis. Some live in fresh water, like the manatee and the manta ray. Also the mussel, the grouper and the jellyfish, which inhabit the sea. As for birds, there is the kingfisher. Some already extinct are also listed, such as the mammoth or the megalocero.

yellow throated marten

Bee-hunting Bumblebee

List of animals with the letter M


It includes almost 200 species of tailed primates. The presence of a tail, along with their narrow-chested bodies and other skeletal features, distinguishes monkeys from apes.

Most monkeys have a relatively flat face, without much prominence of the snout, although baboons and baboons are notable exceptions.


It is a hybrid between a mare and a donkey. Mules were beasts of burden in Asia Minor at least 3,000 years ago and are still used today in many parts of the world. This is due to its ability to carry heavy weight and get the job done under severe conditions.

The mules are usually sterile, since it is a species that arises from the artificial genetic mixture generated by the human being.


Belonging to the extinct genus mammuthus, mammoths were abundant from 4.8 million years ago to just 3,700 years ago. Fossils have been found in Pleistocene deposits on every continent except Australia and South America, and in early Holocene deposits of North America.

american marten

The American marten is a North American species of northern wooded regions. It is also called a pine marten. Its length when it reaches adulthood is 35-43 cm excluding the tail, which measures 18-23 cm. It weighs from 1 to 2 kilograms.

stone marten

Also known as marten, the tuesday foina inhabits the forests of Eurasia. It has greyish-brown fur with a white colored bib. It weighs from 1 to 2.5 kg, and is 42 to 48 cm long and 12 cm high.

yellow throated marten

The yellow-throated marten (M. flavigula), of the subgenus charroniaalso called honey dog ​​for his fondness for sweet foods.

It is found in South Asia. Its head and body length is 56-61 cm and its tail is 38-43 cm. His throat and chin are orange.

Gila monster

Its scientific name is Heloderma suspectum. It is one of two species of North American venomous lizards in the genus Heloderma of the family Helodermatidae.

The Gila monster was named for the Gila River basin and inhabits the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. It grows about 50 cm, is robust, with black and pink spots.


The blackbird is a bird of the Turdidae family, also called the Chinese blackbird, Eurasian blackbird, or simply blackbird. It measures from 24 to 27 centimeters and weighs from 60 to 149 grams. It feeds on earthworms, fruit seeds, and larvae.


He Odobenus rosmarus It is a large Arctic marine mammal with flippers, a broad head, short snout, small eyes, tusks, and whiskers. Scientists recognize two subspecies of the walrus: the Atlantic walrus and the Pacific walrus.

Walruses are cinnamon brown. Its front flippers are large. Males have special air sacs that they use to make a bell-like sound.


Its scientific name is Musca domestica Linnaeus. It is a cosmopolitan pest, common on farms and homes. This species is related to humans or human activities. They can carry infections.

sea ​​cow

The manatee is a large marine mammal with an egg-shaped head, flippers, and a flat tail. Manatees are also known as sea cows.

This name is apt because of their large stature, slow nature, and propensity to prey on other animals. Despite the name, however, manatees are more closely related to elephants. Manatees can swim quickly and gracefully.


Any of the numerous birds of prey belonging to one of the three subfamilies (Milvinae, Elaninae, Perninae) of the family Accipitridae. Kite birds inhabit warm regions. Some feed on insects, rodents, and reptiles, but they are primarily scavengers.


He Leptoptilos crumeniferus, also called the marabou stork, is a large African bird in the stork family, Ciconiidae (order Ciconiiformes). The marabou is the largest stork that exists. Marabou are scavengers, often feeding on vultures.


He Leopardus wiediialso called tiger cat or margay, is a small cat of the family Felidae that inhabits Central America and is rarely found in the extreme south of the United States.

Little is known of the habits of the margay. It lives in forests and is presumably nocturnal, feeding on small prey such as birds, frogs, and insects.


They are beetles that are generally 8 to 10 mm long. They have short legs and are often brightly colored with black, yellow, or reddish markings.


Any planktonic marine member of the class Scyphozoa (phylum Cnidaria). It is a group of invertebrate animals composed of approximately 200 species of the Cubozoa class.

The term is also frequently applied to certain cnidarians (such as members of the class Hydrozoa), which have a medusoidal (bell-shaped or saucer-shaped) body shape. An example is hydromedusae and war siphonophores.


It is a black and white mammal, found primarily in the Western Hemisphere, that uses highly developed scent glands to release a foul odor in defense. The skunk family is made up of 11 species, 9 of which are found in this hemisphere.


He Mandrillus sphinx It is a primate that inhabits the humid forests of equatorial Africa, from the Sanaga River (Cameroon) south to the Congo River. The mandrill is stout and has a short tail, prominent brow ridges, and small, deep-set, closed eyes. Its skin is olive green to brown in color, and the neck is yellow.

common raccoon

It is any of the seven species of nocturnal mammals characterized by having ringed tails. The most common and well known is the North American raccoon, which ranges from northern Canada and across most of the United States south into South America.


Marmots are well suited to cold environments and have small fur-covered ears, short, stout legs, and strong claws for digging. Their fur is long and thick and can be yellowish-brown, brown, reddish-brown, black, or a mixture of gray and white.


It belongs to the Phocoenidae family. Porpoise is any of the seven species of toothed whales distinguishable from dolphins by their more compact build, generally smaller size (maximum length 2 meters), and curved snouts with spatulate rather than conical teeth.


From the class Diplopoda, this arthropod is distributed worldwide and is commonly grouped with various other classes such as myriapods. The approximately 10,000 species live and eat decaying plant matter. Some damage living plants and others are predators and scavengers.


Long-tailed forest birds of the family Momotidae (order Coraciiformes) of Central and South America. The motmots are approximately 17 to 50 cm long and are mostly brownish-green in color, often with hints of bright blue on the head or wings.


Crested-tailed marsupial, also called Kowari (Dasyuroides byrnei), is a rare mammal of the family Dasyuridae (order marsupialia), native to the desert and grasslands of central Australia.


He macrotis lagotis It is a small animal similar to the rabbit. It lives in burrows, has nocturnal habits, and is a long-eared marsupial belonging to the family Thylacomyidae (order Peramelemorphia) and native to Australia.

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the macrotis occupied habitats in more than 70% of the Australian territory.


Any of a number of fast, streamlined fishes that inhabit temperate and tropical seas around the world. Allied to the tunas of the family Scombridae (order Perciformes).

Mackerels are rounded and torpedo-shaped, with a forked tail. They are carnivorous fish and feed on plankton, crustaceans, mollusks, fish eggs, and small fish.


From the family Herpestidae, it refers to any of the numerous species of small carnivores found mainly in Africa, but also in southern Asia and southern Europe.

Mongooses are known for their bold attacks on highly venomous snakes, such as king cobras.

monarch butterfly

He danaus plexippus It is a member of the Algarraza group of butterflies. It belongs to the Danainae subfamily of the order Lepidoptera, known for its large size, orange and black wings, and long annual migrations.

Monarchs are concentrated in North, Central, and South America, but can also be found in Australia, Hawaii, India, and elsewhere. Two subspecies of monarch butterflies have been recognized.


Any of the numerous bivalve molluscs belonging to the marine family Mytilidae and the freshwater family Unionidae. They are more common in cold seas. Freshwater mussels, also known as naiads, include about 1,000 known species that inhabit streams, lakes, and ponds throughout most of the world.


It belongs to the Culicidae family. There are approximately 3,500 known species of insects in the fly order, Diptera. Mosquitoes are known to transmit serious diseases, including yellow fever, Zika fever, malaria, filariasis, and dengue fever.


Of the order Chiroptera, any member of the only group of mammals capable of flight. This ability, along with the ability to navigate at night using an acoustic guidance system (echolocation), has made bats a highly diverse and populous order.

cute rabona

Its scientific name is Sylvanus Macaque. Monas rabonas are monkeys that live in groups in the highland forests of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Gibraltar. The rabona monkey is approximately 60 cm long and has light yellowish-brown skin.

Adult males weigh approximately 16 kg and adult females 11 kg. The species was introduced to Gibraltar, probably by the Romans or the Arabs.


Mouflons are small sheep in the family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla. They are found in Corsica and Sardinia (O.a. Musimon) and also in Cyprus (O.a. Ophion). The mouflon measures about 70 cm and is brown in color with white underparts.

The mouflon most likely comes from a domestic sheep from Asia Minor, introduced to the Mediterranean islands a few thousand years ago (perhaps in the Neolithic), presumably for meat, skins and milk.

japanese macaque


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