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List of animals starting with C

Between the Animals that start with the letter C the chameleon, the zebra or the horse stand out. These last two are very similar and belong to the same family, although they have some notable differences between them.

One of the most important differences is their color: the zebra is striped in black and white, while the horse can be of different colors, such as white, black or brown.

List of animals starting with C


It is an aquatic animal. It lives between the sea and the shore, making holes in the sand. This animal always moves sideways, and has one shell and ten legs, two of which are pincers.


Beavers are rodents, just like mice. They are small, brown and with a tail like a fin.

They are known to build large dams in rivers with the help of their strong teeth. Their homes are the ponds that are formed by blocking the flow of water with the large trees they fell.


Chameleons are reptiles, albeit very different from their agile relatives. Unlike these, chameleons are slow animals.

They are predictable and fun. This animal has bulging eyes and the ability to change color by reflecting light from the colors around it.

guinea pig

Like the beaver, the guinea pig is a rodent. In some countries they are also known as guinea pigs, guinea pigs, guinea pigs or guinea pigs.

They are similar to the rabbits in the image and turn out to be ideal companions for children. They tend to have a calm and friendly character.


It has black and white stripes all over its body. No two zebras are the same, they all have different stripe patterns.

They have very short fur and a short, straight and vertical mane, similar to a Mohawk. They are native to Africa.


The pig is a mammalian animal, robust and pink in color. The pig organism shares many similarities with the human organism.


It is a small animal that can be white, black, gray, brown, or have combinations of these colors.

They can weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 kg, although there are some specimens that exceed these standards.


The condor is a large bird. In fact, it is the largest hunting bird in the world.

It can also eat carrion. It is black with white feathers on its neck and is native to the Andes. It lives between 1,000 and 5,000 meters above sea level.


It is a huge reptile and a great hunter. They are fast, strong and semi-aquatic.

They have a tough skin that generates interest in the fashion industry; some are endangered by indiscriminate hunting for their skin.


Horses are domesticated mammals famous for their use in equestrian sports. They exist of different races and colors: white, black, brown and combinations of these colors.


Slug-shaped mollusk with a shell with spiral details. There are marine and terrestrial. The ground ones are very popular in some regions of Spain and France, since they are eaten with spices or with tomato. They are hermaphrodites and are popularly known for being extremely slow to move.


They can be wild or domestic. In the case of the second, it would be noteworthy to indicate that it is the most abundant pet bird in the world along with parakeets. They are small and are divided into song, color and shape canaries.


The famous hippocampus is one of the strangest animals that inhabits the Earth. Small in size and with a head very similar to that of a horse, they feed mainly on zooplankton and other invertebrates.


It is a fish that abounds in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean. It is intensively fished for its good-tasting meat. It has a very slender body and short pectoral fins. In spring it migrates to warmer waters.


It is a decapod crustacean that can live in fresh or salt water. They are smaller than prawns, and are given various names: prawns, shears, shrimps, etc. They are widely consumed all over the world.

Large tent

It is a freshwater fish, and can currently be found on all continents except Antarctica. It is a harmful invasive species.


It is a poisonous snake native to Asia and Africa. They have a kind of hood on their heads that they display when they feel threatened, being one of their main characteristics. They feed on rodents and birds.


It is the common name with which the large marsupial species native to Australia are identified. It has numerous species, among which we can name: ualarí, ualarú, pademelón, cuoca, etc.


It is the name given to the largest rodent in the world; In Venezuela it is called chigüire, and in other parts of America they call it capybara or capybara. It lives in tropical forests and temperate and tropical savannahs in northern and central South America. It is related to guinea pigs, chinchillas, colpos and agoutis.


Mammal of the genus canis It lives in Asia, Africa and Southeast Europe. Medium in size, it is a fearsome predator that can be a scavenger if circumstances require it. It is activated during twilight.


It is a small American mammal distributed from the southern United States to northern Uruguay. It is sociable and can congregate in groups of up to 50 individuals. It is arboreal and feeds on seeds and fruits, insects, small reptiles and small mammals.


It is a canid that lives in North and Central America, and recently in South America, and can even be found in Colombia. Its ecosystems are varied, from tropical to temperate and arid. It is a solitary animal, although sometimes it walks in a herd. They have adapted to eating garbage.


It is a ruminant mammal that includes deer, reindeer, or elk. They have horns, slender legs that end in hooves, and feed on grass. Their fur is usually brown or brown.


They are flattened-bodied insects that include around 4,500 known species so far. They are usually light or dark brown in color, and are found on all continents.


They are a type of arthropod with an elongated and flat body, with 21 segments from which a pair of legs emerge. They can measure from a few millimeters to 30 cm, and some may have venom. 3,300 species are known. They feed on worms, small insects, worms or arachnids.


Caprine mammal domesticated around 8000 BC for its milk and meat. Goats are small, with arched horns, and have great agility for walking and jumping up rocky slopes.

sperm whale

It is a marine mammal with the largest brain in the world, family of cetaceans. It is the largest toothed animal on the planet (it can measure 30 meters).


Mammal that differs from the dromedary in that it has two humps or humps. It is native to the Middle East, in the deserts, and has traditionally been used as a pack and transport animal. It can resist long periods without eating or drinking thanks to the fat accumulated in the humps.


It is a domesticated bovine from Asia. It is large in size, with short horns, drooping ears, and a large hump on its shoulders.


It is a feline, considered the fastest land animal in the world. Also called cheetah. 5 species are known, 4 from Africa and 1 from Asia.

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