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List of 9 fruits and vegetables that start with R

By the letter R we can find an important list of very rich and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Some of them could receive other names depending on the country or region where you are. Let’s see how well known these are to you that will be named below.

List of fruits that start with R


It is also known as the devil’s tail due to its thin and elongated shape, and its color between purple and red. HE It produces and consumes in Mexico and has a sweet taste. At the gastric level it acts as an anti-inflammatory and healing of ulcerative lesions.


Its scientific name is Raphanus sativus L. Its interior is white, but its skin can vary depending on the type. They can be white, red and white, black, purple or red.


Its scientific name is Nephelium lappaceum. It is also known as mamón chino, lynches or achotillo, depending on the country. It is an oval shaped fruit with a very exotic appearance.

They occur in clusters and are red in color with a surface of delicate spines. The pulp of the fruit is white, fleshy and juicy, with a brown central seed. Its taste is between sour and sweet. The seed should not be consumed, because it is highly toxic.

Queen Claudia

This fruit bears a great resemblance to plums; in fact, it is sometimes called claudia plum. Not having a seed makes it highly sought after to dress and decorate desserts, such as cakes, sweets, ice cream, among others. There are red and purple, and its pulp is very juicy and sweet.


Its scientific name is Beta vulgaris ssp. It is also known as beetroot in many countries. It is a reddish purple tuber. In Spain they use it as a raw material to obtain table sugar.

Due to its strong red pigment, due to the betalain it contains, it has been used to make dyes such as E-162. It is very nutritious, being rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, and also has carotenes, folates, among others.


It is also known as cabbage. There is white cabbage and purple cabbage, whose scientific names are Brassica oleracea var. capitata, and Brassica oleracea var. capitata respectively.

They are round in shape and their color is light green (white cabbage) and purple with white (purple cabbage). It can be eaten raw or cooked. Both types of cabbage are widely used in culinary recipes, such as: salads, soups, stews, etc. Cabbage is rich in nutrients, the main ones being vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and iron.


Also known as chili or red pepper or rocoto chili. It is native to Peru and Bolivia. It is characterized by being very spicy and is added to food to season it. Its excessive use can cause serious gastrointestinal disorders, from gastritis to stomach cancer.


The scientific name is Rheum rhabarbarum. Its origin is Asian, there it is used for medicinal purposes. However, today it is widely used in British and Central European dishes, especially desserts. It tastes bitter. It is consumed as a vegetable, since what is edible is its prominent red stem, since the root and leaves contain toxic compounds such as oxalic acid.


It is also known as rutabaga, rutabaga or white turnip. It originated from the crossing of the turnip with cabbage. They are bigger than a turnip, and their insides are golden yellow. They are very tasty. Its scientific name is Brassica napus var. Napobrassica.

English fruit names beginning with R

raspberries: raspberry

Raisin: happens

Rhubarb: rhubarb

Current network: currant

Rump: rump

Radish: radish

Rambutans: rambutan

Rocoto: rocoto

Rutabaga: rutabaga

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