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List of 25 animals that start with E

Between the Animals that start with the letter E The emu, the sea urchin, the elephant, the starfish, the scorpion, the sponge, the beetle, the snow bunting, the starling, the scolopendra and the sturgeon stand out.

In this highly diverse group, birds, large mammals, fish and other small marine species can be found.

Not only size generates diversity, they are also differentiated by the way of life and the habitat in which they develop.

List of animals starting with E


It is one of the species belonging to the genus of birds that has the particularity of not being able to fly, since its large body dimension prevents it. Instead, run.

The emu can reach two meters in height and more than one and a half meters in length. You can develop great speed when running. It is found in regions of Australia.

Sea urchin

It’s a small marine animal that stands out for its vibrant colors and for its inclement spikes or very sharp spines, which hurt whoever approaches it.

Its length can vary from 3 to 18 cm. In the latter case it is a species called red hedgehog, which is the largest of its kind. They live in coastal areas, on rocks and many have been detected on the Spanish coast.


It is the largest and heaviest animal that exists on the planet. At birth it already weighs more than 100 kg and as an adult it weighs between 7,000 and 8,000 kilos. Its large trunk has multiple functions: from smelling to bathing.

They also have tusks that are ivory and can measure from 1 to 3 meters long.


It is an amazing marine animal. It is not a fish, it does not have blood but water in its body, it is symmetrical in shape, it does not have a brain, and its size ranges from 5 mm in diameter to 1.38 m, which is the largest specimen ever found.

The starfish has the strange property of rebuilding the parts of its body that have been damaged. It also emits a goo that is a strong non-stick material.


It belongs to the group of arachnids. It is a dangerous animal since when biting it emits a poison that is fatal for the victim. In general, to defend themselves they do not use their poison but their pincers.

Both its front pincers and its stinger are filled with that substance. They are also known by the name of scorpions and are found on beaches, deserts, jungles and in the cracks in the walls of some houses.

Sea sponge

Although its appearance is similar to that of a plant, it is an animal that lives on the seabed and does not move from there; that is, it is a static animal. Their body is made up of a multitude of pores and they have no other organs.

Through their pores they filter seawater and thus obtain nutrients to survive. They attract attention because they are very old; They can live for thousands of years, and their body shape is diverse.


It is an insect that has a very hard shell on its body, of different colors, and pincers or horns located on the sides of the head. These horns are used as a weapon to defend themselves.

They usually consume dead animals, droppings and carrion. There is a species of beetle called «bomber» that emits jets of a very hot substance that burns whoever attacks it.

snow bunting

It is a small migratory bird. Because it is migratory, it moves towards warmer regions when winter arrives and then moves again to another place.

In the genus bunting there are several species, such as the ortolano, the Smith and the arctic, among others.

It stands out for its white plumage with some black spots, although the males can be pure white. When they all fly together, they resemble snowflakes.


It is a magnificent representative of birds. It is very small and possesses amazing flight capabilities, high speed, and the ability to fly perfectly synchronized in groups of six.

It has been detected that their way of flying is a strategy to avoid their predators, since if they are alone they can be easy prey. In some regions they are considered a pest because they destroy crops.


It is a highly sought after fish due to the exquisiteness of its meat and its eggs are used to make caviar, which is a product in great demand around the world.

The sturgeon lives in the cold seas of the North. At present some species have been considered in danger of extinction due to the abuse in the commercialization of eggs, which has decreased the number of fish.


Cod-like fish distributed throughout the Atlantic Ocean. It is a species highly valued by fishermen, since it is served in recipes from countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom or France.


Distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa (mainly Senegal and Mali), it is the largest antelope species that exists on Earth. They can measure up to 3 meters and reach a speed of 70 km/h.

common hedgehog

Small mammals distributed throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Its greatest peculiarity are the spikes that cover its skin as a defense. They are very popular as pets.


African bird that owes its name to the shape of its beak. It lives in wetlands and swamps, where it feeds on fish, mollusks, larvae, and insects. They are usually very territorial and do not share their colonies with other birds.


Pink frog with green and yellow speckles found in Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and some regions of Brazil. It lives in ponds and feeds on insects and invertebrates. Being an exotic species, it is very common to see it in markets for sale as pets.

Elephant seal

Commonly called the elephant seal, two species are known, the northern or northern, and the southern or southern. The northern elephant seal lives off the coast of Mexico, California, and sometimes as far as Alaska. The southern one is distributed in Argentine Patagonia, Chilean Tierra del Fuego, the Malvinas Islands, Antarctica, the South Georgia Islands, southern Australia and Tasmania.


It is an order of aquatic hemimetabolous insects, part of the paleoptera, which include dragonflies and seahorses. There are about 3,000 species, and they are fairly primitive insects.


It is a kind of lizard, commonly known as smooth. It moves quickly between rocks and stones, and not so much in the sand. There are more than 1,500 species.

get it

They are small nocturnal birds, similar to nightjars. Almost all known species are from New Guinea, although some are native to the Moluccas, New Caledonia, and Australia. They are insectivorous and hunt in the air.


It is a genus of cephalopod molluscs in the octopus family.


It is a cosmopolitan marine fish that lives in the tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans. It can reach a length of 1.8 meters and is rarely seen in markets. It feeds on small fish.


It is a very striking bird: the plumage is bluish-grey, the head is white, except for some spots on the eyes, and the underside is white. Originally from Africa and Asia, in the last 60 years it has changed its habitat and can now be found in Europe. It is quite difficult to spot because in flight the colors camouflage it with the sky and clouds.


It is a genus of African birds; it has 11 species, all from sub-Saharan Africa. They are brown above and a bright yellow below.


It is a European fish, but it is also distributed in North America and northern Asia. It is a marine fish, although there are freshwater varieties.


The scolopendra differs from the centipede family in that it has between 21 and 23 pairs of legs. Although its bite is toxic, its danger has been exaggerated, and unless anaphylactic shock is suffered, it can hardly be fatal to humans.

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