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List of 23 Animals that Begin with B

Between the Animals that start with the letter B Whales, buffalo, oxen, bison, donkeys, vultures, boas, sea bream, cod and owls stand out. Some of these animals are characterized by being quite large.

An example is the whale, the largest marine animal. The bison also falls into this category, since it is a large mammal.

In the same order, oxen and buffaloes are included, which are animals with a lot of weight and a large body structure.

The boa, a very voluminous snake, is added to the group. The vulture also integrates this classification, since it is a bird that can acquire considerable dimensions depending on the species and that, even so, can fly.

List of animals starting with B


It is a marine animal that stands out in its environment due to its particular characteristics: one of its species, the blue whale, is the largest animal in the world.

The whale is an excellent mother to its young. It has holes in its back to breathe out of the water and emits a sound that has been called the song of the whale.

In some countries it is subjected to indiscriminate hunting for fun, for which it has been protected. In other parts of the planet it is the source of food for some populations, such as the Inuits.


It is very similar to a bull, but it has a distinctive feature: its spectacular horns, which seem to be braided and are quite sharp.

Its weight can reach 1,000 kilos. It is an animal that can be dangerous for humans if it attacks it. This is because it has not been domesticated.

Like bulls, he does not have good vision and does not hear very well; instead, their sense of smell is highly developed. There are several types in its genus, according to the region in which they develop.


He is a castrated bull; that is, the possibility of reproduction has been annulled. Because of his sterilization, he becomes tame.

Now it is a domestic animal that collaborates in some regions with the work of the field, specifically plowing the land.


It is an animal similar to the buffalo, with the difference that it has a hump and its horns are short and blunt.

It lives in cold places and that is why it has thick fur. Although they are not domesticated, some species are used for human consumption.


Also called a donkey, it is a completely domesticated animal that serves the human being in the field in many of their activities.

It is a pack animal and a means of transportation. It has big ears and looks like a horse, but it’s smaller.


It belongs to the group of birds called raptors; that is, they take their food by force.

Although they usually feed on dead animals, they can also hunt live prey.

This bird can fly very high and cover long distances, just like the condor, which is of the same species. It fulfills the function of cleaning the ecosystem of decomposing organisms.


Of the genus of snakes, the boa is one of the longest: specimens measuring up to 10 meters have been found.

Even though it is so big, it is not dangerous because it is not poisonous. It feeds on rodents and other pests that destroy crops.

Sea bream

It is a white meat fish that inhabits the seas of the European coasts. Being fish is considered a delicacy. In Japan, its meat is highly valued because it contains minimal amounts of fat.


It is a large and long fish that lives in the icy waters of the northern seas. Especially in Norway, it is the source of food and work for its inhabitants. Its meat is highly sought after for its exquisite flavor.


It is a large nocturnal bird that lives in the forest and other cold places. It emits a characteristic noise that identifies it.

He has very peculiar grooming habits; for example, every morning he spends considerable time grooming himself.


Bufeo is the name given to the pink dolphin in certain regions of Colombia and Peru. It is located in the Orinoco and Amazon basins, being the largest river dolphin in the world.

Also known as boto, its longevity reaches 30 years, it feeds on fish such as croakers or piranhas and emit sounds to communicate with each other.


Large mollusk within its species, which is characterized by not having a shell and made up of mucus with which it can move and defend itself from its predators. It feeds on small vegetables and organic remains of other animals.


One of the best known primates in the world. They are large and are characterized by being terrestrial habits and living in herds. In addition, they are omnivorous and have a rather aggressive character. They live in semi-desert or rocky regions of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.


It is a species of whale that as an adult is completely white. Its habitat is the arctic and subarctic region. For hundreds of years it was the source of subsistence for the inhabitants of North America and Russia, and is currently a protected species.


The barracuda, or beaked, as they call it in the Caribbean, is a voracious fish whose behavior is very aggressive and dangerous for humans. It can measure between 45 cm and 1.8 meters long. It lives in tropical seas, especially in the Caribbean Sea and in the western Atlantic Ocean, along with coral reefs.


The bonobo is a primate, also known as the dwarf chimpanzee. It lives in the humid forests of central Africa; It feeds mainly on fruits and leaves.


It is a marine fish, thin and oval. It lives in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its white meat is appreciated in kitchens.


It is a small blue fish, between 15 and 20 cm when it is an adult. It lives in the Mediterranean, in the Azov Sea and in the Black Sea. It is also found off the coast of the British Isles. For its meat, it is fished intensively.


The Cattle Dog is a breed of dog originating in Switzerland, so named because it used to help herd cattle. It is excellent as a companion animal and treats children very well.


It is a fish that lives in superficial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Portuguese, Spanish or French coasts, although it can also be found in the Pacific Ocean and in the North Sea.


It is a freshwater fish, family of the carp. It has large scales and lives in deep areas of the coasts of England and Europe, as well as in parts of Asia.

Bongo drum

It is a kind of African antelope. It is the only species in its genus in which the females also have horns or antlers.

red bengali

It is a bird with very colorful plumage, and for this reason they are usually trapped to turn them into cage birds. It is native to South Asia.

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