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List of 19 animals that start with K

Between the Animals that start with the letter K there are the koala, the kaguang, the kudu, the kirito, the krill, the kakapo, the kiwi, the kawari and the klais guimeti. They are varied species, classified as birds, marsupials and crustaceans, among other categories.

For example, the koala is located in the genus of marsupials, which are animals of considerable size; however, it is similar to a bear, although it is not part of this family.

On the other hand, the kaguang is registered as the only mammal that can fly; and krill is a crustacean of great nutritional value, although it is not very abundant in nature.

List of animals that start with K


It’s a small animal. It has a pouch in front in which they carry their young, although they only have one or two a year.

He lives in Australia and is characterized by always being in a tree called eucalyptus, which he constantly eats. He does not drink water and sleeps during the day, hanging by his hands and legs. They are under protection to avoid their extinction.


It is one of the rarest animals in the animal kingdom, because it is a mammal that does not have wings and, even so, is capable of planning.

It is characterized for being an expert climber thanks to its sharp nails; he also makes a nasty loud noise.


It is an impressive African mammal of extraordinary qualities. Its physical presence, its bearing and spectacular antlers attract the attention of hunters.

It lives in the African savannahs. Despite being a large species, it goes unnoticed because its fur allows it to blend into the trees.


It is a bird, specifically a species of parrot, which is characterized because it cannot fly.

It weighs between 4 and 5 kg. Since its wings are very short, they make it difficult for it to fly. Their green plumage allows them to go unnoticed in the vegetation; however, they are in danger of extinction.


Known as the yerba mate kirito, it is an insect that lays its eggs on the yerba mate plant and causes its death.

In some American regions it is considered a harmful species that must be eliminated.


It is a shrimp-like crustacean that lives in the Southern Ocean. It fulfills the important mission of taking to the bottom of the ocean a large amount of carbon that would harm the environment.

It has been revealed that it is a «superfood» for being a source of proteins, amino acids and minerals with extraordinary regenerative power in human cells.


This flightless bird has peculiar characteristics. It is native to New Zealand and is small in size.

At some point it was not classified as a bird as it did not have wings or feathers, but fur. In his life he has only one partner and both are dedicated to caring for the eggs.

The kiwi is independent at birth and seeks its own food and protection. It is a patriotic symbol in its country of origin.

klais guimeti

It is a small bird that does not exceed 8 cm. It belongs to the hummingbird family, also called tucusitos. It is very common in American countries such as Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela, among others.

It is recognized for its beautiful and colorful dark metallic green plumage, with intense violet and deep blue tones.


From the family of raccoons or coatis, the kinkajou or martucha is located in the jungles of Central and South America. They also have a certain resemblance to monkeys, both physically and in behavior, since it is an arboreal species.

It can measure 55-60 cm and weigh about 5 kg. It is omnivorous and feeds on eggs, nuts, insects, buds, honey, or flowers.

kai ken

The kai ken is a very rare breed of dog from Japan, distributed near Mount Fuji. It is omnivorous, very active and affectionate temperament. It is known by the names of Tora Inu or tiger dog. Its fur can be brown, copper, black or gray brindle, and that is where the tiger dog would come from.


The kangal is the national dog of Türkiye. It can run at a speed of up to 56 km/h. Their caregiving skills cause them to be bred for livestock security and for police forces. This breed is very old, and has the strongest bite of all dogs.


It is a bird endemic to the dense, montaneous forests of New Caledonia, and is found nowhere else. Its gray and white colored plumage makes it very showy. It hardly flies, and displays a crest as a warning when threatened.


The kokako is a New Zealand bird. Its plumage is gray, and it has two blue caruncles (or carnosities) on the sides of the beak. Currently, it is in danger of extinction thanks to the introduction of other species that have become its predators, such as stoats, rats or cats.


It is a species of marsupial native to the desert regions to the north-west of Western Australia. They are very small, between 9 and 11 cm, plus 7 cm for the tail. Their fur is brown or reddish, and they weigh from 20 to 40 grams.


Also called mouse deer. It is the smallest ungulate that exists: adults measure 45 cm and weigh 2 kilos. It is native to Indochina, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam. It is in danger of extinction because of the dogs, which attack them.


It is a species of parrot native to New Zealand. It measures 46 cm, the upper plumage is olive green, the underside of the wings is red, and the beak, eyes and legs are brown. It is a curious bird, and its flight is acrobatic.


It is a species of primate native to the highlands of Tanzania. It is a tree monkey, it has long brown fur, with a black face and eyelids. It is a recently discovered species, in 2003, and is in danger of extinction.


It is a native bird of South America, commonly called partridge, tinamotis, kiula or inambú. They prefer running to flying, and feed on seeds, fruits, insects, and new leaf shoots.


It is a marsupial, also called brush tail or marsupial rat. It is endemic to Australia.

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