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List of 14 fruits that start with F

The fruits that start with the letter F They are strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit and breadfruit, among others. In this group are the berries, fleshy fruits with very small seeds located on the outside, as in strawberries; or internal as in grapes.

Within this group there is also a fruit with surprising characteristics: the breadfruit. It originates from the so-called bread tree and its texture and flavor define it as a delicacy.

There are some fruits that are sweet and edible in their natural state, such as strawberries and raspberries; others are more acidic, such as passion fruit or maracuyá, which is difficult to consume without adding something sweet.

List of fruits that start with F


It is the fruit from a plant called strawberry, very striking red in color, and its seeds can be seen on the outside.

The strawberry is a wild fruit, it belongs to the group of so-called forest fruits (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.); that is, it grows spontaneously in forests and is abundant.

Its flavor is slightly acid and it is found in a large number of culinary preparations such as cakes, ice creams, yogurts and various desserts.


It is also a berry. Its characteristic coloring gives rise to the name of a color: raspberry, from the light red family.

The fruit is wild and its consumption and cultivation is quite widespread. Although it is generally red in color, there are also black species, such as the blackberry, called black raspberry.

Just like the strawberry, the raspberry can be eaten raw in yogurt or ice cream, it can be used in pastries as a garnish and in any sweet preparation that needs a touch of colour.

Fruit of the passion

It is produced in Latin American countries where it is known by the name of passion fruit or parchita. It is a fruit with a yellow rind with orange reflections and a gel-like pulp with many seeds.

It has been called passion fruit because the colonizers who arrived in America and saw this passion fruit flower associated it with a crown of thorns like the one used at Easter. The flower is called passion flower.

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and is widely used as juice, jam and in sauces as an additional ingredient to enhance the flavor of a dish.


It is the fruit produced by the tree of the same name. It is of considerable size, like a soccer ball; Its exterior is green and inside it is white.

The most surprising thing is that it has a high protein and carbohydrate content that makes this fruit a very powerful food. Even in some regions of Asia it is the food consumed by the inhabitants.

Due to its important nutritional content, it has been transported to economically depressed locations where its population is starving.


Fruit native to Southeast Asia and its islands. However, it is very popular in American countries, where it is also called «good bread», as is the case in the Dominican Republic.

It is a large tropical fruit with an oval or round shape. It can weigh up to 4 kg depending on the variety. It is green or yellow in color and has a rough texture. The edible is its interior pulp, which is sweet and has an intense aroma.


It is a very common American fruit in Brazil (it is called the Brazilian guava) and other countries in the region. It is round, with a green skin, and its pulp can be clear or pink. It has many minerals and vitamins.


Although it looks similar to the strawberry, it is actually not the same. The strawberry is a botanical hybrid created artificially to enhance its cultivation. The biggest difference with strawberries is the size, much larger, and the flavor, less intense.


The fresquilla is a graft between the traditional peach and the apricot, and the result is a juicier fruit. It is native to eastern Asia and is currently cultivated in Europe and America.


Native to South America, it is also known as Chinese lantern or cape gooseberry. It is very striking because it is wrapped in leaves that protect it; the berry is round, somewhat acidic and orange in color.

bomb fruit

Better known as papaya or papaya, the bomba fruit has fleshy, pinkish pulp, with many tiny, black, round seeds. The taste is not totally sweet. Contains antioxidants and beneficial substances for gastrointestinal health. It is native to America.

star fruit

In Europe it is known as carambola. It is native to Asia, although in Brazil they cultivate it a lot. When cut, the fruit looks like a star, hence its name. Its flavor is acidic and it has many nutrients.

paradise fruit

Originally from Africa, it is a variety of melon and cucumber. Combines with sweet elements and in salads. The appearance is extremely varied and always striking, and there are wild varieties that can be toxic.

dragon fruit

Coming from Central America, the pitaya (as it is also known) is red on the outside and inside, although sometimes it is yellow on the outside and white on the inside. It is a very sweet fruit.

Earl’s Fruit

It is a tree of the Annonaceae family. Its fruit has white pulp with black seeds, with a delicate, delicious and sweet flavor. When ripe, the fruit opens. Its interior is similar to the soursop or custard apple.

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