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Levi Ackerman: who is he, history, personality, phrases

Levi Ackermann He is one of the main characters in both the anime and the manga. Attack on Titan (shingeki no kyojin). Likewise, he is a captain of the Knowledge and Exploration Division and is considered the strongest soldier of mankind thanks to his combat skills.

He is recognized as a cold, obsessive-compulsive person with cleanliness, rude, rude to others and frank. However, his leadership skills, strategies and ability to propose effective solutions to complex problems are also highlighted.

Before becoming one of the Legion’s most valuable soldiers, Levi is presumed to have been a petty thief who was later recruited by his friend, Commander Erwin Smith.

Unlike other characters in the manga and anime, he does not have any specific personal purpose when fighting against the titans, so he shows a high degree of compassion and humanity. This character is inspired by the personality and dark attitude of the character from WatchmanRorschach.



It is believed that the Ackermans were a family of warriors very close to the royal family. However, after the rise of the first king they preferred not to show their support, so they were persecuted until they were practically exterminated.

Few members managed to survive, among them Levi’s mother, Kuchel Ackerman, a woman who was forced to become a prostitute. In fact, Levi is the son of one of these relationships.

While still a child, Kuchel became seriously ill. Right when she died, she was visited by her cousin Kenny, who realizes that little Levi was in the shadows of the room. From that moment she took him under his protection, in the absence of a figure to protect him.

While taking care of him and providing him with food, Kenny instructed Levi on how to steal and how to use the knife in order to cause as much damage as possible to his opponent.

After finishing his training, Kenny took it upon himself to use Levi as a cold-blooded assassin in order to get rid of any enemies. However, after a while, Kenny abandoned Levi during a fight in the Underground City. Given this scenario, there are two theories in this regard:

He did it out of loyalty and because of his close relations to the king.
He did it because he realized that Levi had reached an optimum level, whereby he was capable enough to stand on his own.

Other events

It is worth noting a series of events that serve to show both the personality and the importance of Levi in ​​the plot:

He appears next to the troops of the Reconnaissance Legion, at the moment in which the soldiers were preparing to leave the city. By this time Levi was already widely known as a strong man of great skill.
He shows distrust towards Eren, since he knows that he is capable of becoming a titan.
When Eren stands trial, Levi beats him up to prove he’s capable of using (and controlling) him as a member of the Scouts Legion. The plan was revealed to Eren by Commander Erwin. Meanwhile, they try to find the spy: the Female Titan. Levi joins forces with Mikasa to defeat her. Due to the combat, he is injured and tries to recover.
Because Eren’s powers are getting better and better, he begins a series of experiments to test them and find out their limits. Levi is also part of the group to further understand the nature of the Titans. Through observation, Levi deduces that the Titans are humans who were able to transform in some way.
On Erwin’s orders, the members of the squad abandon their positions and a group of strangers try to kidnap Eren and Historia, although in reality they are Jean and Armin who acted as decoys. In view of this, Levi prepared to release his companions (showing that he has healed from the wound).

What is Levi Ackerman’s personality like?

Levi is a serious, cold and strong-willed person. Likewise, he possesses clear ideas, for which he gains the respect and acceptance of his peers as a natural leader.

He believes in discipline and order, especially in cleanliness, which is why he is believed to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. In fact, she prefers that all environments (and companions) be clean and orderly. Other outstanding features of Levi are the following:

He doesn’t usually express his feelings, at least not openly.
As he is aware of the risks of his decisions, he takes responsibility for them because they involve human lives.
Despite having a serious or neutral expression, he is a person who certainly cares about his peers and the people around him.
He is distrustful, so when someone gains his trust it is because he has great esteem and respect for him.
It’s easy to make him angry.
He hates noise and imprudence.
-Aside from his physical abilities, he is believed to have the mental capacity of a genius.
He knows how to make decisions under pressure and is not usually the subject of panic.
Faced with difficult situations, he is capable of analyzing what is happening in order to take the most suitable solution and succeed.
Thanks to his ability with the Three Dimensional Maneuver, many civilians and even members of the legions consider him as powerful as a group of 100 soldiers or more.
His sense of humor is inappropriate, vulgar, prone to insulting, and quite dark.
However, he has a great sense of morality and empathy, as well as the preservation of human life.
He is short, which makes him a little self-conscious.

Levi Ackerman Quotes

– «Do you think that the person who is next to you now will be there tomorrow?»

-“With the body or not, a dead person is a dead person. He is not going to change anything ”.

-«The only thing we are allowed to do is believe that we are not going to regret the choice we have made.»

– “Is your head as hollow as the point of a gun? You seem to have no idea what’s going on.»

– “Enthusiasm is a good thing, but don’t forget to protect your life”.

-«In this bet, failure is not an option.»


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