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Letter of good conduct: how to do it, examples, format

We explain what a letter of good conduct consists of, how you can do it, the data it contains and we give several examples. You can also download various formats to fill in comfortably.

What is a letter of good conduct?

A letter of good conduct It is a writing or document whose purpose is to give a certification about the behavior of a particular individual, through which a recommendation is formalized that is addressed to an institution or company.

People in general govern their behavior by the rules of coexistence that are established by society, within which can be indicated: respect, morality and good customs, appropriate and decent interaction with other people, as well as a good lawful behavior.

This letter cannot be issued by the person concerned, but must be written and issued by the head of the institution or by the superior in the hierarchy who acts as a representative of the company or work of the person concerned.

It could also be issued by the president of the communal area where the interested party lives, the highest police chief of the community, or whoever legally governs the state, city or municipality where the citizen lives, such as the governor, mayor or prefect.

What is a letter of good conduct for?

The letter of good conduct serves to leave a written record that a person has shown good behavior within their work, educational or social environment, maintaining honest conduct and good conduct under morality and good customs established by law. from a country.

For example, when applying for a job or going to a new academy, those who are going to hire or admit the interested party are very interested in knowing that the person they are going to admit is not problematic as such.

For this reason, a letter of good conduct is usually requested, so that the person’s performance can be accredited when living with the other neighbors of the community, co-workers or students, as well as with their superiors.

important uses

This type of letter is also highly requested in the case of people who will perform domestic work or care for other individuals, such as the elderly, children or patients, as well as people who will perform customer service tasks.

It is also used by many schools, in the case of students who come from other federal entities or from other schools and have required a change of school in order to continue their studies.

How to write a letter of good conduct? Data it contains

As the letter of good conduct is a document that generates points in favor regarding the good behavior and attitude of a person, this document has a legal quality, which is why it must be written in formal language.

The manners, actions and behaviors that the person has assumed during his stay within the institution in charge of writing it should be highlighted. In the same way, the information contained must be true and verifiable, in such a way that it allows certifying such behavior.

This letter is addressed in a generic way to whom it corresponds, generally being done on letterhead. To do so, the following elements must be included:

Place and date

It serves to indicate the place and the moment in which the letter is written. In general, every letter should have this element, preferably in the upper right corner.


Next, it shows who the letter is addressed to. The vocative in this case is someone general and indefinite. For example, “To Whom It May Concern” or “To Whom It May Concern”. This sentence should be centered on the written page.


Here we talk about the person in question, indicating their data and certifying that they have presented good conduct carrying out the activities they normally carry out, as well as a brief mention of the time they have spent in the company or institution.

It must be established that the individual in question has always complied with all the stipulated rules, stating the reasons why this citizen is considered to have shown good conduct.

Subsequently, the farewell to the letter is written. It must be written in such a way that it is clear that the letter of good conduct is issued for the purpose that best suits the person concerned. At the end it is customary to make a courtesy and formal farewell.


The letter must be signed by a person who has a higher rank than the mentioned person, be it the person in charge of personnel, his hierarchical superior, the director or the manager of the entity.


Example 1

Mexico City, as of January 15, 2021.

To whom it may concern

Through this letter I inform anyone who may be interested that Miss Elena Martha Ramos Mendieta is a person worthy of trust, that she also has an unbeatable attitude in her life and in her professional part is an educator who deserves full confidence, being fully fit to start working in their educational institution.



Chancellor: Prof. Marcos Rodríguez Mendoza

Metropolitan Autonomous University

Example 2

Mexico City, as of January 29, 2021.

To whom it may concern

This letter serves to state that Mrs. Rosa Mendoza Restrepo, with employee number 2473141-809 and voter identification number 23775856940, who has worked under my orders in this company for the last four years, has shown herself to be a committed, responsible person. , honest and with an excellent behavior and attitude.

Throughout all this time there has never been any kind of problem with Mrs. Mendoza, so I can certify that her conduct has always been faultless.

I extend this letter for the purposes that best suit the interested party. For any clarification you can communicate to the telephone numbers that are presented below.



Luisa Sanchez Jurado


Services and Professional Products SA de CV

Telephones: (55) 5152.1225 – (55) 5152.1228

Good conduct letter formats to download


Below is the format of a letter of general good conduct, focused on Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

For a job

The following is the format of a letter of good conduct for a job, focused on Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

for a prisoner

Below is the format of a letter of good conduct for a prisoner, focused on Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

For guarantors

Below is the format of a letter of good conduct for guarantors, focused on Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

for immigration

Below is the format of a letter of good conduct for immigration, focused on Mexico:

Download in Word.

Download in PDF.

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