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Laughing Jack: who he is, origin, history, curiosities

Laughing Jack is a protagonist of horror stories and creepypasta, supposedly based on Slender Man. He eventually became one of the most popular characters on the internet. According to the story, Laughing Jack is some kind of supernatural being.

He is dressed as a clown and has the ability to transform the objects that are around him through magic, a fact that allows him to manipulate his victims and then kill them. To reach his goal, he first makes imaginary friends with the children, then murders them and replaces their organs with sweets and candies.

The popularity of this character is reflected in stories and stories published in the digital environment; it is even estimated that several derivative characters and other secondary stories have originated.

Some netizens, influenced by this content, have made assassination attempts because they claim that this character has ordered them in a dream.

character creation

It is estimated that the character was created by Steve Aikins in 2011, as a kind of draft that would later be called Laughing Jack and whose appearance is based on Slender Man and Jack Skeleton.

After finalizing the appearance of the character, a series of images were published on the Devian Art platform, which allowed it to become known on the Internet and gain popularity two years later.

In addition, Aikins made a series of creepypasta which were well received by netizens, ensuring success and propagation among fans of this genre.

Origin and history

According to the main plot, Laughing Jack is a kind of entity that comes from outer space and was sent to Earth as a funny clown, in order to become a friend and companion of a lonely boy named Isaac.

Also, the appearance of Jack corresponded to a kind of gift that the guardian angel gave the child, so that he had at least someone with whom to play and have fun.

At this point it is important to highlight some important facts about history:

-Isaac lived in a humble house and with a rather unstable family. His father was an alcoholic and his mother often humiliated him.

-The arrival of Laughing Jack on Christmas Eve allowed the boy to feel accompanied by a friend who, by the way, was only seen by Isaac.

-At this moment in history, the character was noble and of a benevolent character, characteristics that would change over time.

-The boy began to present unstable and dangerous behaviors, for which he was sent to a boarding school. Jack was locked in a box and was left there until Isaac returned, now a man.

-During the period that he was locked up, Jack anxiously awaited the arrival of his master. Meanwhile, he watched and listened to the violence that occurred around him.

Transformation into Laughing Jack

Upon the death of his parents, Isaac returned to his old home as heir. From that moment he began to develop a much more dangerous profile, by carrying out a series of actions that would lead him to become a cruel and sadistic man:

-After a frustrated rape attempt, Isaac decided that he would turn his house into a kind of «game room», where he would take victims of all kinds to torture them.

-Jack, from the wooden box, observed everything that happened. He went from incomprehension to the satisfaction of seeing other people suffering from the actions caused by his former master. At this point in the story, the evolution of a benevolent being to another cruel and bloodthirsty is demonstrated.

-After escaping from the box and showing himself to Isaac as his childhood friend, both were involved in a confrontation with a fatal outcome. In the end, the police found Isaac dead and nearly disfigured due to the violence carried out by Laughing Jack.

Later events

Jack’s transformation from a funny clown to a child killer was mainly due to Jack choosing the most vulnerable victims, so he could escape whoever wanted to stop him.

His level of evil grew more and more, which allowed the refinement of his methods: the use of magic for manipulation and the use of brute force to open bodies, extract organs and use candy as substitutes for these.

As if that were not enough, his appearance in dreams and in the imagination of children caused the parents of several infants to be accused of murder.

The aforementioned corresponds to a series of variations that have been made around the main story, and that has become one of the most common contents in the creepypasta.

curiosities of Laughing Jack

Some interesting facts related to this character can be highlighted:

-Jack believes that killing is a kind of game, because that was his interpretation when he saw the murders and other sadistic acts carried out by his former owner, Isaac.

-There are some variants in the story, according to which it is said that Laughing Jack does not get to kill his victim completely because he chooses to manipulate the parents into doing it and they, in the end, feel like the true culprits of what happened.

-Although he is usually seen as a sinister clown dressed in black and white, at the beginning of the story he is dressed in very brightly colored clothing.

-Jack appears in Isaac’s room in some kind of music box. In fact, the song that plays every time he gets out of this is “Pop goes the weasel”.

-One of the legends that has spread the most about the character has to do with the fact that it is possible to summon him with sweets and by playing the previously mentioned song. Although, if so, the summoner will suffer some kind of injury from this clown.

-It is believed that he is incapable of suffering remorse or any kind of pain.

-In one of the spin-off stories that exist, Laughing Jack has a female counterpart named Laughing Jill, whose appearance and personality are more or less similar to Jack’s.

-The murderous instinct, as well as the crimes that Isaac carries out in adulthood, is inspired by the crimes carried out by Jack the Ripper.

-In 2015, a 12-year-old girl killed her stepmother because, according to her, she had been instructed to do so by Laughing Jack. This was not the first recorded attack due to the influence of this type of character.

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