14 julio, 2024

Large and heavy tropical fruit

The large and heavy tropical fruits are those that occur in countries located in the tropical zone of the planet. These areas have special characteristics in terms of temperature, humidity, terrain, among others.

In order for these fruits to grow and be produced, they must have average temperatures of 18° Celsius and temperate rains in their growing areas. What these particular conditions do is that these foods can grow large and taste sweet.

Because these foods are only produced in certain areas of the world and their flavors are sweet, exotic, and different, they have become highly desired products in other countries, where they have even reached very high prices because they are in such high demand and little offered.

These fruits are cultivated and widely consumed in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Panama or some nations in Central America, Asia and Africa. Additionally, these are large exporters of these products to places in Europe or North America.

Description of some large and heavy tropical fruits

Among the wide variety of fruits that can be found as tropical and heavy, are the jackfruit, watermelon, papaya, melon, pineapple or soursop. The characteristics and particularities of each of these will be detailed below.

Yaca or jackfruit

It is an exotic fruit grown in the tropical regions of the world, native to southern India. It is part of the Moraceae family of plants.

watermelon or watermelon

Also known as sideburn in different countries, it is a large fruit with a circular shape, bright green on the outside and pink or deep red on the inside. Its flavor is sweet and refreshing, and it is widely consumed in areas with slightly high temperatures due to its freshness.


This fruit is oval in shape and similar in size to a watermelon. Its exterior color is between green and orange (depending on its maturity) and its pulp is pale pink or orange. The taste it leaves in the mouth is sweet and smooth.


Melon is one of the most consumed tropical fruits, because its texture is quite refreshing for the palate. Its shape is circular, its external color is light green with small white lines and its pulp is orange or pale pink in color and its flavor is mild and less sweet than that of other tropical fruits.


This product is one of the most popular worldwide, despite being a tropical fruit and typical of these areas, since it has been transformed into different presentations to be consumed in multiple ways.

The pineapple is an oval-shaped fruit with a hard, dark green skin and spikes. Its interior is intense yellow in color and its flavor is quite sweet and refreshing, with slightly acid touches.


Like the pineapple, the soursop has small spikes on its outer part and its color is an intense green. However, its interior is very soft in texture, white in color and has an intense sweet flavor. Thanks to the delicacy of its pulp, in many places they say that it looks like specks of edible cotton.

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