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Labor texts: concept, characteristics, types, examples

What are labor texts?

The labor texts They refer to all those functional documents that are related to the professional or work environment. They are mainly used in business, commercial and institutional contexts, with the purpose of serving as a communication between managers and employees.

These texts give instructions or inform the employees of a company. Its communicative purpose is aimed at carrying out procedures, making requests or raising problems.

This kind of document has a simple structure and must be written using a simple and clear language, which does not generate misinterpretations or confusion about the matter to be notified.

Depending on the document in question, they are essentially used to initiate or carry out a procedure, inform, as a reminder, etc., all in a specific and formal way.

Labor texts are also used to carry out external communications between different institutions or companies. One or the other document is used according to the type of communication to be executed.

Characteristics of labor texts


These texts have a simple structure, without being so modest or exaggerated so as not to bore the recipient, because what you want to do is automatically attract their attention.

In addition, it must have simplicity, as the saying goes: the less, the more. In general, since they are texts of a formal nature, their writing should be simple, not confusing or far-fetched.

The functional texts of labor type distribute the information in the following parts: introduction, development and conclusion.


The text is displayed according to the audience, either in a specialized language or in colloquial or simple language. In language, the verbal function predominates, meaning that it grants a greater interest to the actions that are going to be carried out than to the individual who will carry them out.

They have to be clear enough about what they are requesting or exposing. To achieve this, they must be based on simple sentences. The language used can be dialogical, descriptive, narrative, expository or explanatory.

In certain types of documents that are part of labor texts, the language has a somewhat appealing and influential form, but not to the point of giving an order or scolding directly, always having respect for whoever reads it.


These texts are brief, since they should only contain the fundamental points of the topic so that the reader to whom it is addressed can understand the context or situation and act accordingly.

Function they fulfill

Labor texts encompass situations or work spaces that have an impact on the way in which one should say and act. As its name indicates, the most important characteristic they have is that they must fulfill a certain job function.

Types of labor texts

petition letter

It is done to make a request for a service whose solution or response can be given by whoever reads it. It is made up of the following parts: header, body, request, and conclusion. It must contain certain formal aspects, such as date and place, recipient, text, farewell and sender.


It is a document used to request a salary increase, an interview, information, etc. Its content must be objective and its style formal, although with a language that is easy to understand and trying to persuade.


It is a type of written document used for communication between administrative units. It is a long letter that is directed from a particular corporation or institution to others, where only matters related to the service that is performed are dealt with.


This document is a report that explains something that must be taken into account in a matter or to carry out a certain action. Its scope of circulation is within companies or institutions, its format being more informal than that of the trade.

Job application

It is a text that has an already established format, easy to obtain in any stationery store. It presents work, personal and academic data. Its purpose is that whoever fills it out gets a job, declaring to be competent.

It is easy to fill out, although it must be filled out carefully, using the right words, because the vocabulary used will say a lot about the academic level and personality.

Labor termination letter

Corresponds to allowances generated by the employee not yet collected by him. Along with the settlement, it is important that the employee also receive this letter, because it is the text that contains the amounts to be received by the worker when his employment relationship with the company ends.

Confidentiality letter

In this document it is stated emphatically that certain information cannot be divulged, because it is considered to be very careful and sensitive. Through this letter many companies protect their confidential data.

Examples of labor texts


Mexico City, as of February 10, 2021.

No.: RRHH-00140231-002

To all staff

Due to the process audit that will be carried out in the company from March 16 to May 26, as indicated in Official Letter No. GG-10423103-011 of January 18, the support of all workers is required to be able to carry out this process without adversity.

To this end, the Human Resources department will give talks on the process on March 3 and 4, with mandatory attendance outside working hours, which will be considered as overtime.



Mr. Juan Ochoa Andrade

Human resources manager

settlement letter

Monterrey, Mexico, to March 22, 2021.

I have received the amount of $8,500 (eight thousand five hundred pesos) as settlement in the employment relationship that I had with the company Cerámicas Andrade, a company where I performed all my services until March 19, 2021. The established amount is integrated in this way:

– Corresponding basic salary from March 1 to 19, 2021: $5,800.

– Proportional part of vacation premium: $1,530.

– Proportional part of the annual bonus: $2,220.

Total allocations: $9,550.

– IMSS retention: $470.

– ISR withholding: $580.

Net to pay: $8,500.


Alberto Moreno Diaz

Confidentiality letter

Villahermosa, Tabasco as of February 17, 2021.

Natural Waste, SA de CV

To whom it may concern:

I, C. Ricardo Almeida Cano, undertake from the date of signing this document, when I begin to provide my services as a manager, not to disseminate in writing or verbally the confidential information of the company Residuos Naturales, SA de CV. This information includes:

– Information regarding the practices, procedures and internal policies of the company.

– Data corresponding to the financial statements of the organization.

– Methods of using the waste managed by the company for commercial purposes.

– Any other information that is considered sensitive, and cannot be disclosed to the competition or to any individual who is not a collaborator or supplier of this company.



Ricardo Almeida Cano

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