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Kaguya Ōtsutsuki: history, personality and phrases

The princess Kaguya Otsutsuki (also called Rabbit Goddess) is known as the matriarch of the Otsutsuki Clan and progenitor of Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki in the manga and anime. Naruto. She became the progenitor of the chakra (concentration of physical and mental energy), so she could learn and control it for later use.

Through this chakra, she stopped the confrontations that were taking place on the planet, which is why humans considered her a goddess. She is awarded the formation of the beast the Ten Tails due to the desire to recover the chakra of her sons Hagomoro and Hamura.

This he achieved through his fusion with the Tree God, although the beast’s fury could later be controlled by the brothers.

Kaguya was part of the Otsutsuki clan, a group of celestial beings that settled on Earth and became a powerful influence on humanity.



Initially, the Otsutsuki traveled the galaxies to try to find the Shinju. In doing so, they tried to sow its fruits in order to cultivate the chakra and prolong life.

Among them was Kaguya Otsutsuki who, according to the anime, came to Earth alone to settle in the Country of the Ancestors.

During that time, she appeared before Emperor Tenji and, using her powers and other abilities, she was able to penetrate his memory to make him believe that she was his concubine, for which she later became pregnant.

The Country of Ese began a series of disputes against the Country of the Ancients despite the emperor’s efforts to bring about peace between the nations.

The situation became more complex when a representative of the government of the Country of Ese tried to kidnap Kaguya, because he had been captivated by her beauty. Failing to do so, Ese declared war on the Country of the Ancestors.

The conflicts intensified, so she had to flee with her friend and companion Aino, until she reached the God Tree. Both found themselves cornered, and right after Aino’s death by Tenji, Kaguya ate the fruit of the tree to end humanity’s conflicts.

Later events

Thanks to that decision, Kaguya became the progenitor of the chakra, a kind of vital energy with which she was able to control the dispute she was in.

However, he tried not to exterminate the entire human race and erased their memories. With this she also managed to be worshiped as a goddess.

Kaguya’s main goal was to guide the world towards peace with the help of her sons, Hagomoro and Hamura (who inherited her chakra). However, these plans changed drastically. In this context, the following events can be highlighted:

Despite attempts to keep the peace, Kaguya began to lose hope in humans. It was there when the power that she had of her corrupted her little by little.
Because of this, humans stopped seeing her as a goddess, to later refer to her as a demon.
Madness seemed to invade Kaguya’s mind and heart, making her think that she must win back her children’s chakra. To achieve this, she joined the Tree God to give rise to a ferocious monster, the Ten Tails (or ten tails in English).
The monster eliminated everything in its path in search of the twins. When the meeting took place, an arduous battle was generated in which Hagomoro and Hamura were able to defeat the Ten Tails by making a seal on the chakra. The Moon also originated from this encounter. After imprisoning the beast and controlling its army, Hagomoro locked the seal of the Ten-Tails on himself while Hamura assumed leadership of the clan, with the mission of observing the behavior of humans from the Moon.

Resurrection of the Ten Tails

Although Hagomoro was revered as a sage, both his and Hamura’s legacy were corrupted and lost to time. Therefore, this only paved the way for a series of events that triggered the resurrection of the Ten-Tails:

Before she was sealed away by her children, Kaguya was able to create the Black Zetsu, a kind of replica that would later bring her to life.
A millennium later, the beast revived with the intention of forming a new army to control humanity.
Despite the intentions, they were thwarted thanks to the abilities of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiba. They are reincarnations of the children of the Otsutsuki.

It is important to note that, both in the manga and in the anime, the resurrection and the battle against Kaguya was extensive and complex, which is why both Naruto and Sasuke’s physical and mental ability were shown.


Initially, Kaguya was a very good person, with intentions of protecting and ensuring peace.
Despite not being a very openly affectionate character, it is known that she was in love with Tenji, with whom she shared the desire to live in a just and peaceful Earth.
This same feeling of love and protection was also felt by her friend and companion, Aino.
After consuming the fruit of the Tree God, Kaguya’s personality did a 180° turn. She became despotic, cruel and considered herself the messiah of the Earth.
She believed that the chakra was a power that only she could have, so she took it upon herself to subject innocents to her will.
Thanks to his powers, he believes that others are insignificant beings.
He came to manifest a deep hatred towards his children, which is why he is also considered an extremely dangerous and implacable being.


Some abilities that can be highlighted from Kaguya are:
Before consuming the fruit, Kaguya was able to travel to other worlds, sleep and hypnotize people, as well as release a powerful wave capable of destroying any living thing.
After consuming the fruit, he was able to create dimensions to appear and disappear at will.
He is capable of using his hair to capture his enemies.
He has the ability to levitate and fly.
He can easily absorb the chakra of whoever he wants.


– “All the chakras belong to me. Once again, all must become one.»

-«I hate you (referring to Hagoromo and Hamura, while looking at Naruto and Sasuke), you belong to me.»

-“This place… This is my garden. I won’t allow them to harm him anymore… Let’s stop fighting… Here… Vanish out of existence once and for all.”

-«Once again, I, the ancestor of all the chakra, am defeated by those scattered chakras.»

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