6 junio, 2024

jokes with question marks

The jokes with question marks They can be used to teach these signs in a fun way, since they are small phrases written in a humorous way that generate laughter and help to understand the use of these signs.

Question marks are used to describe statements that contain questions. When placed on the sides of a sentence, they indicate both the beginning and the end of the question mark.

short jokes with question marks

Pepito and the girl

Pepito is at a party, approaches a girl and asks her: «Are you going to dance?» The excited girl replies: «Yes!» Pepito tells him: «Can you lend me your chair then?»

little Red Riding Hood

A child and asks his mother: «Mom, if Little Red Riding Hood marries her prince charming, would the children be purple?»

Pepito and the notes

Pepito arrives from school at dinner time and asks his mother: «Mom, what’s for lunch?» The mother replies: “Food!”

Pepito, somewhat annoyed by his mother’s joke, tells him: «They gave me my math grade.» The mother asks how much she got and Pepito answers: «Note!».

the rare bird

One says to another: «What is the name of that strange bird?» The other responds: «I don’t know it», and the first one says: «What a cute little ignorant!»

Pepito and the tasks

Pepito asks his teacher: «Teacher, would you scold me for something I didn’t do?» The teacher answers: «Of course not, Pepito.» Pepito responds: «It’s just that I didn’t do my homework.»

the inn

The entrance to an inn reads: $30 a room in winter and $20 in summer. A man asks the administrator: «Why is it cheaper in summer than in winter?» The administrator replies: “Isn’t it obvious? Because in summer the nights are shorter”.

the bunk beds

Two girls sleep in bunk beds. The girl in the upper bed prays: «With God, the Virgin and the Holy Spirit I lie down and get up.»

The girl in the bottom bunk gets up immediately. The other girl asks: «Why did you get up so fast?» The girl answers: «It’s because you sleep with a lot of people, let’s see if the bed sinks.»

The drunks

Two drunks were walking and found a mirror. One of them looks at him and says: «Where do I know this man from? I’ve seen him before!»

The other drunk takes the mirror and says: «Man, are you drunk? Don’t you realize that man is me?»

The cake and Jaimito

Jaimito’s mother asks: «Who has eaten the cake that I have prepared?» Jaimito answers calmly: «Mom, would you punish me if I told you that I gave it to a hungry child?»

Jaimito’s mother sweetly answers: “No son, I would tell you that it was a noble gesture; Let’s see, who did you give it to?» Jaimito responds: «Well, me.»

david and goliath

The teacher asks in class: «With what did David defeat Goliath?» Jaimito answers: «With a motorcycle, teacher.»

The teacher says: “How is that going to be? It was with a slingshot.» Jaimito looks at the teacher and says: «And why didn’t she specify that she also wanted the brand of the motorcycle?»

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