7 junio, 2024

«Is for me?» (Meme): what it is, meaning, origin

What is the “Is it for me” meme?

the meme «Is for me?», is another example of memes popularized during the pandemic. It is an image that can be a photo or an emoji, with two hands with the index fingers touching in an expression of shyness, and the text «Is it for me?»

Meaning of the meme “Is it for me?”

This meme is usually used to shyly express a very deep desire. For example, when someone posts a picture of some food that looks appetizing, someone posts the meme as if they were ordering a slice.

It is also common to use the meme when someone we like posts any nice comment directed at a random person; so we send you the meme to get your attention.

In this case, the meme is a way of declaring that we like that person and that we would like their comments to be directed at us.

On the other hand, the meme is also frequently used ironically. In some cases, it represents a pure and innocent image that hides a troubled mind. On these occasions, the meaning of the meme seeks to highlight the danger hidden in some people who seem harmless.

What do the two fingers touching mean?

In modern versions of the “Is it for me?” meme, the very shy emoticon has been replaced with virtually any image of anyone. This includes images of characters from other famous memes. However, along with the text “Is it for me?”, the two hands are an ever-present element.

The two fingers that touch are an allegory to the anime. In these Japanese cartoons, touching the index fingers in front of the body is an expression used to show that someone is shy or feeling anxious.

Origin of the meme «Is it for me?»

The original meme is made up of two parts that arose independently in meme culture. A very shy emoticon and two hands pointing at each other with the index fingers touching.

The very shy emoticon was first uploaded to symbols-n-emoticons.com in 2014. It first appeared on social media in June 2018 on the Twitter account @Shitpostbot5000.

On said occasion, the bot posted a version of the popular “so um… there’s a girl… and, um…” meme. This version included three emoticons, the third of which spawned a whole new family of memes because of its pitiful expression. The «Is it for me?» meme is one of the most popular.

On the other hand, the emoticon of the two hands touching the index fingers has been around since 2011. Although, to tell the truth, it was really two emojis with hands pointing the index finger in opposite directions.

Finally, the first use of the “Is it for me?” meme, with both hands and all, was made by user Roman Trash on Reddit on August 30, 2020. His meme shows the text:

“Random country: *finds oil*” United States: Is it for me?

On this occasion, the meme sought to highlight the tendency of the United States to invade any country that had oil.

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