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Irish bottle: what it is, description, preparation, alternatives and origin

What is the Irish bottle?

He irish bottle It is a cocktail based on two liqueurs: Bailey’s Irish Cream or any type of Irish Cream, and Sambuca. Due to the difference in density between the two components, the drink is seen separated into two clearly distinguishable layers through the glass of the glass in which it is served.

This drink is served neat, without ice or any kind of dilution and should be taken in one sip. ANDIt’s definitely one of those totally like or dislike drinks, as not everyone likes the aroma of anise found in sambuca that tastes like licorice.

This ingredient, when combined with Irish cream, can cause grimaces, or lead to lip-smacking satisfaction.

This drink has multiple variations and is a very popular choice at bachelorette parties, or any other occasion that calls for a cheeky cocktail.

Description of the ingredients of the Irish baby bottle


– 0.5 ounces (15-20 ml) of sambuca (in alternative preparations sambuca can be substituted for mint liqueur).

It is a sweet, anise-flavoured digestive liqueur, often served after coffee to dissipate its taste.

In Italy the drink is usually presented with three coffee beans floating in the glass to represent health, happiness and prosperity.

The more adventurous tourists often enjoy a shot of flaming sambuca, in which the clean liquor is ignited and then consumed by tasters.

Baileys Irish Cream

– 0.5 ounces (15-20 ml) Bailey’s Irish Cream.

It’s a kind of Irish whiskey with cream. The main ingredients are: Irish whiskey, milk cream, sugar, cocoa and coffee aroma.


– 0.5 ounces (15-20 ml) of Kahlúa (It is an alternative ingredient and its inclusion represents a variation of the original preparation).

It is a rich rum-based coffee liqueur with a touch of vanilla.

traditional preparation

To make the drink correctly, the two spirits are not supposed to be mixed. First, the sambuca should be served in a mini glass or shot glass, followed by a gentle addition of Bailey’s Irish cream.

Careful use of a spoon is recommended to ensure that the cream slides right on top of the sambuca. It is advisable to always use the same amount of both liquors.

Some people place a cherry in the bottom of the glass, while others use a pinch of grenadine in the center of the Irish cream or in the bottom of the glass to replace the cherry.

It is possible to use the imagination to adapt the drink to the tastes and preferences of individuals.

Preparation alternatives

There are some differences of judgment among beverage specialists as to whether or not the recipe described above corresponds to the traditional Irish baby bottle.

Instead of sambuca, some bartenders may use peppermint schnapps or some other brandy as a base to mix with the Irish cream.

Also some authors insist that the liquors should be mixed instead of overlapping.

As with most mixed drinks, there are many variations in the preparation and proportions of the Irish Bottle, however they are all quite strong in their content, typically ranging from 19% to 29% alcohol.

One of the variations of the original recipe that enjoys great popularity consists of adding to the two base liquors, a third liquor, kahlúa (coffee liquor).

This component must be the first to be incorporated into the mini glass, then the original preparation method must be followed.

Origin of the drink

It is not clear who invented the drink or why it was called the Irish bottle. Evidence suggests that the cocktail originated in the 1980s during a period of renewed popularity for cocktails and mixed drinks.

According to the writer of New York TimesWilliam Grimes, a remarkable interest was aroused at that time, a kind of cult that brought together young people eager to experiment with alcoholic beverages and create fun mixes for undemanding palates.

The name of the drink seems to have arisen in order to surprise people. There are, however, some vague common characteristics between the drink and a woman’s breast, such as coloration, flavor, and texture.

similar drinks

There are a number of cocktails very similar to the Irish bottle that are part of the bartenders’ repertoire. Some of the cocktails as variants:

– Coconut rum, peach liqueur, grenadine, cranberry juice, orange juice and pineapple juice. It is a fruity and refreshing blend that surprises the throat quite easily.

– Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua in a cocktail glass over crushed ice.

– Vodka, peach liqueur and raspberry liqueur in a stainless steel shaker with plenty of ice. Shake for a few seconds and serve in a large glass.

– Vodka, peach liqueur, orange juice and cranberry juice. It tends to be very popular on hot summer nights at the beach.

– White rum, brandy, lemon juice and cognac with plenty of ice. Once cold, the mixture is served in a cocktail glass and decorated with lemon peel.

These drinks may seem like harmless cocktails or just refreshing desserts, which are characterized by great sweetness, bright colors and refreshing flavors.

However, they must be consumed with caution, since it can definitely alter the senses, disinhibit thoughts and release desires, leaving modesty and reason aside.

These effects are due to the combination of different liquors with sugary substances, which generates stronger and faster reactions in people than when pure liquors are consumed.


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