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Interracial: what it is, meaning, fields of use

What is interracial?

The word interracial It is a concept that refers to the union, exchange or composition of two different races. It can be applied in different fields, from the military, through the social, to the sexual.

Although race was a concept created in the 18th century to classify people according to their appearance, skin color and culture, today it is known that human races do not exist, that we are a single species (human) made up of diverse ethnic groups, differentiated by culture, religion, language and customs.

Despite this, the notion of interracial is accepted and used by different institutions, although sometimes it is also called «intercultural».

Areas of use

In couples and family

In the case of couples and family unions, even at a sociological and historical level, the term refers to individuals of different races who have sexual relations.

For example, the unions between European women and men with the natives during the period of the conquest of America, gave rise to the «mestizos». For its part, in Japan, the children of these unions are called haafu (half Japanese).

These types of couples have not been well regarded throughout history in many societies, and in many of them the union of a person from one cultural group with another from another group, such as whites and blacks in the United States, was prohibited. , whose law that prohibited it was declared unconstitutional in 1967.

It is also possible to refer to interracial adoption. The same is usually between fathers and mothers who adopt a child from another country, generally simpler than adopting a child from the same nation.

Adoptions of this type began in the 1950s, especially in the United States. Among the reasons for this adoption, at that time, was the inadequacy of social protection for black minors, a growing anti-racist awareness in society and a large number of parents who wanted to adopt children.

sexual and pornographic

Interracial sex is the one that is practiced by two or more people of different ethnic groups. Its origin occurred mainly where immigration was high, as in several countries of the American continent.

Like couples or families, sexual relations of this type were also prohibited in some societies. For example, in the times of conquered America, white men tried by all means to ensure socio-racial «purity» as a pre-eminence requirement for their families.

Thus, women were prohibited from having relationships with the locals to ensure white continuity in the family. However, the man did not have such a ban.

Another example of the prohibition of sexual relations between different races occurred in the times of Nazi Germany, where Germans could not mix with Jews, or with people belonging to peoples considered inferior.

Meanwhile, within the pornography industry, interracial is a subcategory where two or more people of different ethnicities are filmed having sex.

In the military field

The United States Colored Troops (USCT) were those made up of black soldiers, but also by Asians and Pacific Islanders.

At the veterinary level

We speak of interracial in veterinary medicine when there are crosses of races, such as, for example, between the different ones that exist in canines.


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